With nine of the ten foreign housemates thrown out… Guinean Only Foreign Roommate In Big Sister Village

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Of the 29 elegant ladies taken in as roommates to the Big Sister village for the second edition of the Big Sister Show, nine were contested from other countries, mostly in Africa, with one from the United States of America.  Of the nine foreigners in the Village, two are from Nigeria, three from the Gambia, one from Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry and Liberia each, and an American.

All twenty-nine Roommates were inducted on October 4 but as activities keep unfolding, many have been left behind in the trail to clinch Five Hundred Million Leones GRAND PRIX. All contestants of foreign background but one are gone away from the Village, and she happens to be Roommate #12. It’s that frisky but so1ft spoken Djalikatou Oumou Cisse fondly called ‘NAVARRO!’

NAVARRO is representing the Republic of Guinea and she remains the only foreign national in the Big Sister Village as all have practically been evicted.  Her presence in the Village is luminous, and her continued stay is mesmerizing as well, giving the much needed international flavour to the show. At least her stay has been appreciative to her fans and the viewing audience generally of that reality TV show.

They are happy that she is still in the village because by now the show would have lost the intention of the producers as international show biz, not limited to Sierra Leone.

Speaking to the organising secretary of her campaign team Jane Kamara, she expresses optimism, saying “we are determined to make sure she stays up in the village to the dot.” She said they are even sure Oumou Cisse will reach the final and “she is going to win big!”

“Djalikatou has a very strong Sierra Leonean link as her parents are from Sierra Leone who relocated to Guinea during the war years. So we are still soliciting votes on her behalf,” Jane intimated.  She pleads for every vote. “It counts and please vote for her by texting 12 to 2020 with orange line only, and better still, buy Big Sister Kracther and vote using Kings Empire Mobile App.”

But there is some disappointment here, says Djalikatou Oumou Cisse’s manager who claims they are finding it very difficult to get Guineans to vote in Guinea because the Big Sister App is not working in that country. “They can’t vote with their Orange SIM either so we plead that the organisers take the Big Sister Kracther to Guinea, they need it badly, people are desperate in Guinea to vote Djalikatou Oumou Cisse.”

The manager also calls on Guineans in Sierra Leone to vote massively for their own contestant, Djalikatou Oumou Cisse so that she will continue to stay in the house. “We also ask Sierra Leoneans to do the same, to support Oumou Cisse, Roommate #12 because of her Sierra Leonean roots.

By Ishmael Daddys Bangura

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