With More Evictions At Big Sister Show… ‘D Mami Na Power’ Saves Roommate#31

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Neneh Umu Jalloh, Roommate#31 was saved from this week’s eviction by ‘The Mami Na Power’, Yabba-Roommate #20 immediately she was given the title.


The Big Sister Reality TV show organised by Zed Zee Multimedia, broadcast by SLBC TV with sponsorship from Orange is getting interesting because any day, roommates are leaving the house.


On Sunday they had a second eviction in which three roommates (two Sierra Leoneans and a foreign national) were evicted. They are Fatmata Yvonne Kabba, Esther Y. Kamara and Victoria Tieh of Liberia respectively.


On Wednesday, Big Sister released a statement informing the public that Neneh Umu Jalloh had been removed from the Village to the hospital for appropriate medical attention.


For last week, the roommates were organized into teams for friendly football encounters and the girls were divided into four teams of at least six members, named after our local football teams.


The first game was played between FC Kallon and East End Lions in which FC Kallon won by 2 goals to zero. The second match was between Bo Rangers and FC Johansson where FC Johansson suffered in the hands of Bo Rangers in a post-game penalty.


The final was between FC Kallon and Bo Rangers but ended in a goalless draw, warranting post-game penalty kicks that saw FC Kallon clinch the trophy.

It was really interesting watching girls play football. The matches were officiated by established names in Sierra Leone female football- Musu Pele; and the only female coach in the Sierra Leone Premier League, and Victoria of the Eastern Tigers.


The roommates had a short time to celebrate, as on Sunday nearly all of them, with the exception of one, we’re up for eviction. As always, eviction time is full of pressure for roommates and fans. The eviction show was held in Shangri-la and thousands of fans supporting various roommates were around the vicinity displaying support for their candidates.

Yabba Roommate 20, ‘The Mami Na Power’ was crowned on Sunday during the eviction for being the captain of FC Kallon that won the football competition the previous day. Immediately after being donned with the crown, she was asked to save two roommates from eviction, which she swiftly did by saving pregnant Nanah Umu Jalloh.

Up for eviction is Djalikatou Oumou Cisse Roommate #12 from Guinea, who had been up for eviction for three weeks. But this is not to her liking as she commented: “I really don’t know why other roommates are putting up for eviction because I am cool with everyone.” At any rate, she said: “I’m OK with that and am asking my supporters, especially Guineans in Sierra Leone, to support me for representing Guinea.” She said she was ready to make them proud.


Djalikatou Oumou Cisse’s family in Guinea was originally from Sierra Leone. They left Sierra Leone during the war years and she grew up in Guinea. But she has always been Sierra Leoneans and everything about her entertainment career is in Sierra Leone.

She was with Sierra Network Production and she has acted in films. She can be voted for by texting 12 to 2020 or through Big Sister and Kings Empire Apps.


By Ishmael Daddys Bangura

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