What’s Kao Denero up to?

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The past months in Sierra Leone have been spiced up by series of musical shows, concerts and fiestas.Most artists were able to hold their musical events in Freetown and elsewhere across the country during the period. But the same cannot be said of one of Sierra Leone’s rap maestros, the CEO of the Black Leo Records dubbed ‘King of Freetown’ – Kao Denero, who has watched helplessly as his two planned shows in Freetown were cancelled by the authorities who refused to grant him police clearance. Kao had just returned from the US.

The situation angered the ‘Hakuna Matata’ artist who took to Facebook to vent out his anger and claimed that those decisions had political undertones.

The rapper was even more irritated by the fact that foreign artists were been accorded huge privileges, which the authorities deprived him of, despite being a Sierra Leonean.

Despite being a controversial artist, majority of Sierra Leone’s music lovers empathized and sympathized with Kao during those moments. His fans and the entire Black Leo Family were not the least happy.

The Black Leo soon went mute afterwards, until lately when photos of him meeting with politicians went viral on social media.He was first seen having dinner with the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party presidential aspirant, Brigadier (rtd) Julius Maada Bio, which many people interpreted as the rapper seeking refuge in the opposition as a revenge against the sitting government.

Kao plunged the public into further confusion when he was later seen meeting with government officials, like the Minister of Youths, Bai Mamoud Bangura, the Government Spokesman Agibu Jalloh, and then he appeared in a photo with the All Stars President, Collabo, a well known supporter of the current political establishment.
Those meetings forced many Sierra Leoneans to ask – ‘What’s Kao Denero up to?

But that question is easy to answer now, we guess, as he has finally been granted a permit to stage his musical show, as we saw last Saturday.

But we still wanted to hear from the man himself. So in the run up to the musical concert at the Siaka Stevens Stadium in Freetown on the March 4, Salone Jamboree caught up with Kao and asked him to respond to those concerns raised by the public.

The ‘King of Sierra Leone Hip Hop’ maintained that he is neutral and has no political affiliation, nor does he belong to any political party.He jokingly stated that his only political party is Black Leo, his record label.“I’m with the poor,” he stated.

He said his meeting with Brigadier Bio was in fulfillment of an invitation extended to the entertainment industry to dine and party together. He stressed that he owed no allegiance to any political party.
The rapper also stated that there were a lot of artists in that dinner, but was surprised to see him singled out from among the lots.

On his meeting with the Youth Minister, he said that ministry is important to the entertainment industry because it is responsible for youths, as musical revolves around the youths. That was the reason why he met with Mr. Bangura on an invitation to discuss issues relating to the youths.

Meanwhile, the US based Sierra Leonean rapper who was set to entice his fans in a live musical concert at the Siaka Stevens Stadium over the week end urged all music lovers to endeavor to give a facelift to Sierra Leone music.
He was set to launch his much anticipated album ‘OBEY AND COMPLAIN LATER’.

By: Ibrahim Sorious Samura

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