Vivid Emporium Targets City Kids With Food, Sanitary Items

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Vivid Emporium Initiatives have donated assorted materials like rice, onions, Maggie, soaps, face masks, veronica buckets and more to over 200 kids at the Regent Street community and its surroundings in Freetown, Sierra Leone on the 27th April 2020, coinciding with the country’s birthday. This came as the company celebrates 10 years as one of the leading youth-oriented and creative art institutions in Africa.

The CEO of Vivid Emporium Initiatives is a Sierra Leonean US-based model, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Kadiatu Kamara who decided to celebrate her company’s anniversary by donating to the kids in a community she grew up; and to also educate them on the preventive measures of the Corona virus epidemic.

The donation also included sanitary items like soap, face masks and veronica buckets in addition to the food items in a program titled – ‘YOUTH LOVE PROJECT.’ They also supplied vulnerable youths with COVID-19 survival kits in one community at a time.

“My journey started at the Regent Street community in central Freetown. I, therefore, decided to celebrate with kids from that community before extending to other communities,” said Kadiatu.
On her behalf, George Lewis and Allan explained that Kadiatu is a young Sierra Leonean woman who is passionate about issues relating to young people. They also delivered COVID-19 awareness messages from Kadiatu, where they encouraged the people to practice frequent hand washing, social distancing, avoid hand shake, among others.

The event was well implemented in line with the government’s preventive measures on the virus. It was graced by various media outlets and great personalities.

Vivid Emporium is a boutique that works with various West African artisans, with its designs stemmed from an African perspective for Western markets. Her designs are among the most sought after African costumes in Europe and America.

Kadiatu took a deep twist to introduce her new clothing line (KADIATU KAMARA COUTURE) that also supplies new tastes for a variety of fashionistas across the world. The new clothing line ‘KADIATU KAMARA COUTURE’ was launched with a buzz in the US in 2018.

The YOUTH LOVE PROJECT is desired to be extended to other vulnerable communities by Vivid Emporium Initiatives, and therefore seeks the support of humanitarian organisations to make this a reality and help change the lives of the deprived in society.


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