US Embassy to Open a Library for Salone films

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The United States embassy in Freetown will soon open a library and archives section for the emergent Sierra Leone film industry.

The Library and Archives section will be set up at the embassy facilities up IMAAT, according to Foud Kargbo, Communications officer of the Sierra Leone International Film Festival.

Kargbo said his organization has been working with the United States embassy in Sierra Leone to actualize the initiative.

The facility, he said, will be open on the 15th of April.

Kargbo added that the facility will be opened to filmmakers and to serve to provide services such as internets, research facilities and learning materials on how to make films. He said there will also be an archives stands for Sierra Leone films.

Kargbo said the Library and Archives sections shows the premium the US embassy puts in Sierra Leone’s entertainment sector.

Kargbo said his organization is also set for the Sierra Leone International Film festival which will commence on April 13th at the Memorial Peace Park at Cotton tree. The 5 days events will showcase Sierra Leone and other international movies to the general public. Some of the movies that will be screened include ‘Secret Desire’, ‘Dark Heaven’, ‘State Crime’, ‘Dagadi’, ‘Return of Gina’, ‘Refugees’, and ‘Deep in the Game’, among many others.

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