United African Wear Commends First Family For Donning Jerseys

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As our darling Leone Stars fought to equalize the four goals within twenty-nine minutes against the Super Eagles of Nigeria, our sport-loving leader, President Bio together with his wife H. E Fatima Bio visited the Leone Stars squad in order to boost their morale and give them promises ahead of the return leg against the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

In their jerseys with their names on it which are produced by United African Wear, they visited the players and technical team on their training ground. HE President Bio was putting on the one dominated by green colour whilst his wife Fatima Bio put on the one dominated by white and blue.

United African Wear, the producers of the jerseys the first gentlemen and lady put on is mainly a cloth producing company whose CEO is Afize Stylish MOHAMED, a fashionista and producing wears mainly with the green, white and blue colour. United African Wear (UAW) for short was established in 2016 out of the urge to improving life in Africa and helping children in need. A baseball hat was the first product of UAW in 2016.

In an interview with the CEO, Afize told SaloneJamboree that “at United Africa Wears, we hold strong values of providing the best service and delivering the latest fashion.”

“UAW participates in Sierra Leone community events, has furthered charity engagements and achieved awards. Over the years, UAW has added various collections with designs uniquely made for African communities worldwide and tourists who love and believe in the continent.”

“Our products are available across the world and we are continuing to improve the human race through the love of fashion.”

“With UAW, you can ensure to receive high-quality products of any design you choose from. Our team is working towards improving and maintaining the highest stands and quality. We are excited to bring new designs and fashion trends every season. We are customized to take on board customers’ feedback for suggestions, opinions, and future improvements. We take pride in our public engagement to listen.

Asked about how he feels that the first family put on their jersey to support and visit the national team, he said “it’s awesome. It’s a mixed feeling but happy it finally happens.”

“My first word is “Thanks”, thanks for putting on sportswear made with love from home, designed by Sierra Leoneans for Sierra Leoneans.”

In addition to that UAW donated to all sixteen housemates who were in the house the week Leone Stars played against Super Eagles of Nigeria with their names on it. The housemates put on the jersey as they watched the encounter live in the house on TV.

United African Wear can be reached on various platforms including  www.unitedafricawears.com, Instagram – united_africa_wears, Facebook – united Africa wears, numbers : 0044 7311 152485, 00232 77 348140, 00232 78 612679

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