TRIBES’: A New Movie Series to foster National Cohesion

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‘Tribes,’ a new movie series will soon commence shooting. The new film will feature a huge cast from Sierra Leone, including Jimmy B and Desmond Finney, it will also debut Black Leo rapper, Kao Denero.

‘Tribes’ will be produced by Merit Sierra Leone and The Ushers Film Company. The film will be shot entirely in Sierra Leone by Sierra Leonean crew.

Director Aiah Momoh who is well known for films like ‘Refugee’ told SaloneJamboree in an exclusive interview that this is perhaps his biggest production yet since he started directing. He said the aim is to help unite the country through ‘Tribes’.


‘TRIBES’ is a serial movie that is to be produced in Sierra Leone by an all Sierra Leoneans crew. Tribalism is a bone in Africa’s neck. Countries like Rwanda, Nigeria, Congo, Sierra Leone and many more have tasted the bitterness of tribalism through bloody tribal conflicts that left many dead and properties worth billions of dollars destroyed.  Though this movie will be made in Sierra Leone, the need for its content goes beyond the borders of this country to every continent. A professional crew with international film making experience will handle the production with state of the art equipment. The production will be done in 4k and original sounds will be used. Episode 1 which is also the pilot out of 12 episodes is set to be produced in October 2020 and plans will commence on the production of the rest shortly after  Episode 1 is completed.

The end goal of ‘Tribes’ is twofold: First to See national cohesion take root and end the competition between Tribal and national loyalties which is majorly responsible for the backwardness of our beloved country and Africa at large.

Secondly, to use the movie to break into global movie markets once and for all to showcase our country and the Sierra Leone movie industry. (Netflix, Amazon Prime, DSTV, etc.)

This piece of artwork is a national project and it will feature big industry names like Jimmy B, Kao Denero, and individuals from all works of life: Actors, Politicians, musicians, business people, etc.

‘Tribes’ will be directed by one of Sierra Leone’s prolific directors who have brought several international movie laurels to this country; Aiah Momoh who also doubles as the writer. The executive producers are: Aiah momoh, idrissa Kabia, Joseph Bankole Thompson, Arthur Massaly, Sulaiman Kamara, and Cynthia Boye Kamara.

Why the title ‘TRIBES?’

As the name implies, we want to use a title that will speak for itself on the related issue. We are so determined to educate the world on the hazards and positives of our tribes that one does not need to watch the film before knowing what the movie is about. Just by hearing the title, almost everyone will relate.

Production companies

Tribes are produced by two companies namely: Merit Sierra Leone and The Ushers Film Company and the lead casts are Jimmy B who plays the antagonist whilst Kao Denera plays the protagonist.


‘Tribes’ is geared towards hitting international movie platforms like Netflix. We want to use his movie to unlock the international door for sierra Leonean film gain access like other nations are doing.


We have set the standard of this movie to match international standards. It will be the first Sierra Leonean film with a website and the equipment are Netflix approved.


It is expected that every Sierra Leonean accepts this as ours, and give it the push it needs to succeed.

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