‘To Get His Message Out on corona…’ President Bio Delayed Cabinet Meeting For Music Video-Shoot

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Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada Bio has added his voice to a new Coronavirus awareness-raising song‘LehWiYeri Word.’‘Leh WiYeri Word’ is apparently Emmy Bangura’s creative idea; and the song features artists like Arkman, Empress P. and Markmuday.

Added to the list of contributors are the Minister of Health and Sanitation, Dr. Alpha T.Wurie and Christian and Muslim national leaders. The sight and voice of the president in the video song just played the trick as it gave meaning to the awareness-raising campaign in the corona fight.

Translated from our local parlance, ‘LehWiYeri Word’ loosely means ‘Let us heed to advice’ inEnglish.
In an exclusive chat withSaloneJamboreeon ‘Lehwiyeri word’, Jimmy B said he was inspired to take action; ‘using this platform to sensitize my people on the prevention of coronavirus so as to avoid the mistakes we did during the Ebola disease outbreak.’

Jimmy said: “If we allow this disease to cause the kind of destruction that the Ebola caused, it will affect every sector at the end of the day,”

The ‘JikaJika’ star said he felt compelled and happy to work with the other artists in the song.“They all just take me for a huge fan so I couldn’t have achieved this without collaborating with them.”

Jimmy said he’d got not a dime from anybody to do the stuff. “I paid all the artists and engineers out of my own pocket. Am not saying they will not, but as of now I haven’t received a single cent from Government but I was happy to do this because this is what makes me feel fulfilled.”

Jimmy B also gave his impression about President Bio in the chat and how ‘he was very cooperative.’ “I was impressed. Just one phone call and he said ‘come over to State House and let’s do it.’! And guess what? I veered in with just my phone! He said President Bio didn’t mind anything as he simply accepted his request.

“Yes, he didn’t mind my recording him on my phone. So he gave me the green light; and that shows how down-to-earth President Bio is.”

Jimmy B said Bio is so down to earth that the president allowed him to use his bare phone to video him; and interestingly, there was a cabinet meeting waiting to hold on that day.“He had to keep his ministers waiting downstairs as he took his time to do the video. He badly just wanted the message out!” Jimmy explained.

Jimmy B said the president is being so passionate about the disease that ‘he doesn’t want coronavirus to stay here for even one or two days as ‘it brings unnecessary burden on the people.’ He said it was therefore incumbent upon President Bio to give them the support needed as in his words “the president is the No. 1gentleman and what he says goes far that is why I wanted his approval for the songs.”

The video for the song was released on Monday evening and is currently getting thousands of viewing on YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms. In the video, President Bio introduces himself and advises the public to wash their hands, avoid public gatherings and adhere to the health regulations.

Some of the Facebook reaction about the video:
Sia Rosemary: Jimmy you aren’t The Godfather of the Sierra Leone entertainment industry for nothing! You Lead and others follow. Thanks my dear brother. Stay safe and blessed.

Albert Kamara Jimmy Bangura. Your inspiration and motivation in the music industry never dies. Thanks brother for your great prevention song again. 😘😘😘😘

Florence MafoYamba Kudos Godfather, was looking forward to this.

Pamela Heroe Thanks for the awareness, may God richly bless you.

Ronald Abu Bangura May God bless you big brother Jimmy and co, wonderful message, we have a role to play.

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