Thumbs Up! Prezo Bio For Lifting Curfew But Entertainers Want More

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During the night of Monday 26th October 2020 the nationwide curfew 11 pm to 5 am that was imposed as a means of curtailing the coronavirus was lifted with immediate effect but the bad news is, the ban on entertainment activities and other forms of public gathering remain in force.

In the statement signed by the spokesman of the Center, Solomon Jamiru reads: “NaCOVERC wishes to inform the general public that this is the 30th week of the Coronavirus outbreak which is not yet over. Whilst the epi-data for the last three (3) months suggests a general decline in several cases, how the rest of the Response is managed, and the behaviours and attitudes of ALL will have a significant impact on the epi-curve and public health.

The nation should be reminded that Sierra Leone has implemented some of the toughest measures aimed at preventing and controlling COVID-19 infection. The health and safety guidelines instituted from time to time to combat the spread of the virus have often caused great national inconvenience and tremendous social discomfort, yet this is deemed necessary and desirable to keep COVID-19 in check.

The Response has always focused on creating a balance between ‘saving lives’ and ‘sustaining livelihoods’ which informed relaxation of a range of restrictions.

Noting the current epi-data over the last three (3) months and further noting the enormous impact of the curfew on the movement of people, goods and services across the country; NaCOVERC hereby announces that effective immediately, the nationwide curfew from 11 pm to 5 am is lifted for four (4) weeks. ALL other COVID-19 related regulations shall remain in full force, and violations thereof will be appropriately dealt with. Public behaviour during this dispensation may inform any eventual review of this decision.

The ban on sports and other forms of entertainment, night clubs and cinema centres, secret societies, large public gatherings including street carnivals, and such other restrictions prior will continue to be in place, and the general public is warned accordingly.

The public is reminded that the COVID-19 outbreak in Sierra Leone has not ended, and our neighbours in the sub-region continue to record cases. With Western Area being the epi-centre, and as we approach the festive season, NaCOVERCurges everyone to comply with the health and safety guidelines, including proper use of face masks, regular hand-washing and keeping safe physical distance.”

Immediately the statement was released entertainers took on various platforms to express their gratitude to the President and government for listening to their cry.

Empress Pee posted on Facebook saying: “Now that the curfew is off what next?

Kao Denero also expressed his gratitude by posting a picture of the president with the caption ‘A president that listens to the constraints of his people is one that loves his people. Now that the curfew has been lifted temporarily am pretty sure the ban on public gathering will soon be a thing of the past.’ Blak Leo fans, are you ready for a Nov show wearing a mask at the national stadium?’ “God bless the GENERAL yo

Even though entertainers are happy about the development but they are hopeful that the ban on entertainment activities will be lifted soonest.

By Ishmael Daddys Bangura

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