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Igro is a natural hair product for Africans that helps the hair grow faster, healthy and soft. It’s a product made from local ingredients, 100% natural.This product is a combination of various local products sold in markets in Freetown. The ingredients include shea butter, with other recipes added to it so that it helps in moisturizing the hair.Igro contains no chemical and thus it has no after effect on the user.Melford Marah is a third year Law student of Fourah Bay College and she is the CEO, founder and manufacturer of IGRO HAIR COSMETICS.

The Greek philosopher, Plato once said, ”Necessity is the mother of invention.” Meaning, the primary driving force for new invention is a need. And this can be alluded to the brain behind Igro hair. In a society where creativity and entrepreneurship is a challenge among young people, there’s lack of encouragement and the right atmosphere to do business. But this hasn’t stop Melford to stand out as that singular lady, better still, ‘a woman of substance’, to use her inventive acumen to bring Igro to the limelight. Out of a need, a solution is formulated and that solution transforms into an imaginary business, from which Igro stands tall. It takes smartness, brilliance, sacrifice and intelligence in order to think beyond your comfort zones. And this is what entrepreneurs are known for. Igro came as a result to see African hair grow naturally healthy, faster and softer.

As far back as 2014, Mrs. Marah decided to cut her hair as low as an inch, for reasons of abnormal growth which might have probably emanated from a defect from other hair products she had used before, and she believed that many other women are experiencing similar problems with their hair. She therefore decided to see her hair grow naturally healthy. She was desperate for a solution. She surfed the internet and read widely on natural products that help African hair grow faster, healthy and softer. It cost her huge amount of time and energy to do the research.
After reading several articles, she eventually invaded the local market stalls in Freetown, where these local ingredients are sold. She started doing the mixture of the various products, observed and took note of the results given. She first developed the hair lotion/cream, which is presently available. The test was done on her hair, and it took her a very long time before she could stick to a particular formula that works best.

Melford’s hair started growing faster, healthier and softer. That natural blossom and beauty was immediately fancied by her colleagues. She continued to superbly appear natural and healthy. Her hair caught the eyes of many ladies who then inquired or sought help from her. They were amazed to learn that the items she applied on her hair are locally available, and that she was the brain behind it.

On demand from her friends, who had fallen in love with her hair, to get them the same product, she decided to test the product on other persons for the first time to see whether the results would be different. The remarkable results and appreciation from others increased the demand for it.

Having gotten satisfied that the products could now work on any person, she eventually decided to break a new ground, thereby going into business with her own invention in 2016. She started the business with the sum of Le 60,000 (approximately $8), which she collected from a friend who requested for the product. She started small but steady. She used the profits to increase on production.

In May 2016, Milford founded IGRO HAIR COSMETICS as an antidote to the prevailing problems women face with their hair. She was however faced with many challenges, including capital, packaging and branding of the product, which couldn’t be done locally. She struggled with it for a while by visiting plastic factories in search of suitable containers to package the product; but it all proved futile. She therefore resorted to use ice cream containers/plastic cups to package it for sale until she finally got a presentable packaging and branding. The arrival of the packaging materials, finally boosted her business.

Speaking to, Mrs. Marah said that her product is growing too fast as a result of recommendations from those that have used it before.

In few months, Igro is a household name now in Freetown and its environs. Igro is available in most cosmetics shops in the west and central parts of Freetown and in the UK in 200mg and ….. containers. Milford is presently extending her products nationwide and to other neighboring West African countries.

She however disclosed her future plans to, probably in the next six months, being to establish a mini-factory, to get a comfortable packaging, to develop Igro products for men, to develop Igro oil, shampoo, and soap. In whatever circumstances, she says, she will continue to keep Igro products 100% natural, that is, no chemicals or preservatives added to it, in order to maintain it effectiveness and potency.

Melford further informed this media that her business is paying her hugely and she is financially stable with Igro. But she will not be satisfied with anything less than seeing Igro overtakes the cosmetics industry in Sierra Leone and countries in Africa.

Igro was recently captured on the front page of an international magazine, GOWOMAN MAGAZINE, captioned, ‘Starting small with Igro’. This magazine is published across all countries in Africa and beyond, and therefore has made Igro and its pioneer known to the rest of the world. This is so because the Igro story is an eye catchy one.

By: Ibrahim Sorious Samura

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