The Rise & Rise of Brian Conteh

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A Sierra Leonean who is fast getting to higher heights in the American Film industry is Brian Conteh. Brian is an actor based in Virginia with laurels to his feathers for winning a few awards, casting in several movies to further earn him more nominations for other prestigious awards.

Brian was born in central Freetown and attended both the Sierra Leone Muslim Brotherhood and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary Schools.  He dropped out of formal schooling early and went into an artisanal apprenticeship, trying his hands at tailoring and fishing before taking up dancing. He performed with various dance groups in Freetown, including Stylistics Dancers.

He migrated to the United States of America afterwards, with the hope that he would pursue formal education but shortly bumped into Disc Jockey and popular ‘African Beats’ producer at the Voice of America.  David Vandi is also a playwright and actor, managing a theatre group in the US so he served as a mentor to Brian. He joined the team rehearsing the play “TRUE FRIENDSHIP.”  In ‘TRUE FRIENDSHIP,’ Brian played the role of the chief guard or the Adekalie to the chief. Thereafter, he also starred in other plays by David Vandy like ‘CRY OF A COUNTRY VIRGIN’, ‘LIFE AND TIME OF MADAM YOKO’ and ‘LOVE CRIMES.’

He was first brought in to movie acting by a Cameroonian Woman producer Ardy Divin after she noticed that Brian was good the mimicking a Pakistanis  man, so, therefore, he was given a role as a Pakistanis man in the movie ‘DEEP WITHIN”

Brian Conte has also acted in more than 20 movies, with some yet to be released alongside various stars from Hollywood, Nollywood, Ghallyhood etc. The first award he won was in Los Angeles as Best Actor. He was also recognized by Lios International Fashion Entertainment Award and many others. He has featured in movies by fellow Sierra Leonean like Well Iron Master in his movie ‘2 Face’ starring with Nigerian Mama G in Double Wahala.  In May 2016 he also featured in King Milan’s ‘Star Parade’ show.

He is a member of the Sierra Leone Association of Artist and Musician. February 14, 2019 another movie of him was premiered “LOVE GAME’ in which he rolled with top Nigerian actors. In 2018 Brian was nominated for DE HUMANITARIAN AWARD

He had met with big names in Hollywood, including veteran actor MEL NOVAK, who had acted several Hollywood movies including GAME DEATH, AN EYE FOR AN EYE, THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR, and CHECKPOINT ETC. 

Brian is also a businessman and has a charity foundation named after him. The Brian A Conteh Foundation was launched in April this year as a way of giving back to society what he can.

Actors’ Guild Sierra Leone have learnt about his progress in the American film industry and they are proud of him.  According to the coordinator 2 of Actors’ Guild Sierra Leone, they expect Brian to embrace the association and create the American chapter of Actors Guild. He says by so doing, they would have access to tap into his expertise to make the industry grow back home.

By Ishmael Daddys Bangura

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