The Dr. Love Clinic helping Africans in the diaspora

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Few months ago, Alhaji Issa Kamara, also known as Kamissa, started a Facebook Live show – titled ‘The Dr. Love Clinic’ in Germany. The Dr. Love clinic provides love therapies for people (especially Sierra Leoneans) facing challenges in their love lives abroad.

The show is geared towards advising and guiding people in their relationships, on how they can live better love lives and also manage their relationships.
According to Kamissa, the idea came from seeing Sierra Leoneans and other black people committing suicide due to the challenges in their relationships. “I have seen Sierra Leoneans committing suicide in Europe because of love.  I realised that I have the talent to counsel lovers and young people, so I decided to start the show,” he said.
According to him, he started the show earlier this year on Facebook with few viewers. He never relented. As he progresses, people became interested and the show gained momentum. The show is not only followed by Sierra Leoneans, but also other Africans at home and in the diaspora.
Kamissa noted that the things that affect relationships are lack of trust, cheating, sex life, etc, and these are areas of focus in his show.
“So far, the show has helped many people in their relationships, and people are appreciating me,” he noted. Alhaji Issa Kamara was born in Tongo, Kenema District and grew up in
Sierra Leone. He was a car dealer in Freetown and has always wished to work for a car company abroad.
Kamissa later moved to Germany and started working for Mercedes Benz.He lives there with his family. He grew interest to start a love show as a result of what Sierra Leoneans go through in their relationships.
He has already developed products that augment sexual activities.According to him, poor sex can affect a relationship. He and other investors have developed the products for Africans at home and abroad.
The branded ‘Dr. Love’ sex products are believed to solve issues relating to poor sexual arousal.
Kamissa and other Sierra Leoneans have come together and established the Dr. Love Clinic in Germany. “We believe in what we do,” he stated.


By: Ibrahim Sorious Samura

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