“Thank You Shadi, Thank You Africell” -Fatima Bio

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Madam Fatima Jabbie Bio has sent out a special ‘Thank You’ message to Managing Director Shadi Gerjawi, and the entire management and staff of Africell, the country’s leading mobile company for financing the construction of the Bio Clock Tower in Kenema City.

The First Lady went live on Facebook after returning from Kenema in a 24 minutes’ video to send out the gratifying message to “a brother and friend” Shadi; and for the collective support Africell mobile company gave to nurture her brainchild accomplishment.

On her Facebook page, she said it like this: “I just want to do a quick video of appreciation to a brother, a friend that I have known for a very long time; almost like 21 or 22 years. I want to say thank you, thank you.”

Lady Fatima appreciates that she is being honoured by people and institutions for any request when she came out blunt: “It is much easier as a first lady of Sierra Leone to pick my phone and call anyone in Sierra Leone and make a request and get a positive feedback.” That was just what Africell MD did for which the big ‘Thank You’ from the First Lady.

“Am so happy working with Shadi and Africell to contribute to the development of Sierra Leone,” she wrote.  She said once she pioneered the idea of a Clock Tower in Kenema City, Africell promptly came on board, and from day one supported it.

“I want to say thank you to Shadi, thank you to Africell. For the fact that I presented a vision and an idea and you supported it. I want to again say thank you in advance for the Kono clock tower.”

She also thanked her husband, President Julius Maada Bio for his guidance and understanding. She then made use of the thank you post to thank other partners in advance that will be working with Africell to build the clock tower.

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