‘Stranded’ Domestic Workers In Lebanon Appeal To Gov’t Through Music

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A group of women in Lebanon has appealed for an urgent rescue out of that country. The appeal to the Government of Sierra Leone to rescue them was made in a 6 minutes’ music video on social media.

According to the messages in their songs, they went to Lebanon to seek greener pastures but they “found themselves in slavery”.

Leader of the group whose name is simply given as Turay alleged their masters in Lebanon often beat them. Sometimes the beatings and torture result in deaths; not to talk of the long working hours without pay.

They recreated popular Christian songs to pass on their message. “We are calling on UN, we are calling on human rights, and we are calling on all nations that care for our lives. We are young, we are suffering, we are dying…so please understand us,” they sand in one of the songs.

Turay said she was promised a teaching job in Lebanon but she was deceived and was instead employed as a domestic worker. She said the embassy promised to repatriate them since the 15th of June this year but they saw nothing like that.

There only hope is now the home government, the group said and that is why they are appealing to the Bio led government to rescue them.

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