Stingy Men Association To Outdoor On Valentine’s Day

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February 14th which marks another anniversary of an important ancient event in relationship nurturing, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day has been chosen for the official outdooring or launch of the Sierra Leone chapter of Stingy Men Association.

Founder Abdul Nazzy Kamara aka Jack Sparrow says he founded the association to align with similar ones in some countries.

“My inspiration was drawn from just that; and since I came to known of such associations legally existing in some other African countries, I thought of having one in Sierra Leone,” Jack Sparrow confides in SaloneJamboree on his social innovation.

“I have a goal set and the group will follow its name in a positive manner. We will encourage our members to value their earnings and save for better ventures, not to spend our hard earned monies on frivolities.” Jack Sparrow says he came up with the idea in December 2020 after doing extensive research on other Stingy Men Associations across Africa.

“I put the concept across and discussed the idea with some of my friends. I then created a WhatsApp group as a start to serve as the platform for further deliberations on the idea. There the whole thing kicked off, from the WhatsApp group with few members.”

He says later the membership agreed that we should post about the association on Facebook encouraging others to join. “Surprisingly in just a few hours after I posted on Facebook with a link for members to join, I received over one thousand comments and now the Whatsapp group has reached membership capacity.”

He says the group now has members from across the world with some prominent Sierra Leoneans who prefer to remain anonymous for now.

“Stingy Men Association is not against the female sect. We just want to be comparing notes and share our different experiences in life; how to adjust to saving money for the future and spend only when necessary. We don’t encourage our members to embark on lavish spending.”

Also, the founder says theirs in not a political organization but to seek the interest of members against unwise use of money and that very soon, they are coming up with first public meeting. “We hope for the 31st January at a location that will be communicated to members later. We will discuss the constitution, membership criteria and other important issues at the meeting. After that meeting we plan for the official launch of the association slated for February 14.”


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