Sollywood‘First-Lady’ reveals plans for movie industry

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By:Ibrahim Sorious Samura

Sierra Leone’s finest actress and philanthropist based in the US has revealed plans to boost the movie industry in Sierra Leone.

Winstina Taylor made this revelation during an interview with SaloneJamboree on her recent movie projects in the United States and Nigeria.

The Nollywood and ‘Sollywood’ star is simultaneously working on three (30) major movie projects in the United States of America and Nigeria.

Winstina Taylor’s production company ‘Prime International Productions’ will be premiering her latest movie ‘SIDE CHICK CHRONICLES’ on April 11 at the AMC Magic Johnson Movie Theater in Maryland, USA. The movie was shot in Nigeria and features a couple of Nollywood actors and actresses.

Winstina Taylor’s recent movie ‘BOTIE’ has just won two awards at an American Film Festival.
“I’m currently doing a project called ‘The Good Wife’ with Adeyemi Lardner and Walter Anger from Nigeria, “Winstina Taylor told SaloneJamboree. “I’m also working on another movie titled ‘TABOO’, starring Adeyemi Lardner and Fatty Bangs from Sierra Leone.”

On her plans for the Sierra Leone movie industry, Winstina Taylor gives a highlight of a project she is undertaking to house movie theatres in Freetown and other cities in Sierra Leone.”Basically my plans for the Sierra Leone movie industry is that I’m doing a Production Building in Sierra Leone and will tryto have Prime International Productions hosting lots of different stuff like reality TV shows. Also, to get theatre everywhere, and I already have plans that I am putting in place with different theatres in different places; in the provinces to have like the same theatre so when we release a movie, it will be all over the same theatres.”

Winstina Taylor says she has a target to meet by 2025.“Hopefully, at least by 2023 to 2025 all of my plans will be put in place. She says the Production Building to be erected will be a five-story affair.
“Its supposed to be completed by 2021…; and to do some productions and different things by God’s grace.”

Winstina Taylor is a multitasking, multi-talented, award winning Sierra Leonean raised; American trained actress, entrepreneur anda philanthropist.

As a successful actress in the United States, some of her movies are now being distributed across Africa through the IROKO TV, DSTv Channels, UK Nations and many more outlets.
The ambitious Winstina is busy on the go-a woman with eyes on expanding her business and operations beyond borders.Having launched a successful production company – the Prime International Productions’ she insists it’s all in an effort to help upcoming filmmakers and entertainers to have a local production company to call home.

For an educated and successful woman of her calibre, Winstina has managed to balance family, work and play with equal dedication to helping the needy, especially back home in Sierra Leone via Immaculate Charities, co-owned by her mother Rosemarie Sesay. The Charity is engaged in educating and feeding the less privileged in Sierra Leone and many other places.

Winstina is just too dedicated to her Sierra Leone community in the US and back home. She has done educational tours to teach about health (communicable diseases, infectious diseases, and hygiene) to the rural people of Sierra Leone.
Winstina and her family are currently paying tuition fees for over 20 kids in Sierra Leone. They are also employing more than 50 workers under the Immaculate branch in Sierra Leone and a newly opened family Guest House in Makeni.

Winstina’s greatest mission in life is to thrive; not merely to survive; and inMaya Angelou’s words “with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” “Winstina does all this while putting a smile on the face of those that come around her since she wants to see no one left behind in the name of poverty or hunger.”

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