Sierra Network Completes ‘Big Yard’ Shooting

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2018 NEA Best TV series award winner, Sierra Network Production has completed the shooting of a thrilling comic drama TV series titled ‘BIG YARD.’

Sierra Network is a media house that owns Sierra Network Production with the main function to produce motion picture contents. They produce weekly comic episodes served mainly as comic reliefs but with lots of educative, informative and sensitisation messages.

They post two episodes every week (Thursdays and Saturdays) on their YouTube channel, Sierra Network Production; and each episode lasts for at least ten minutes. Some of their most popular episodes include ‘D Gron Dry,’ ‘Dollar Wahala,’ ‘444,’ and many more.

In 2018, Sierra Network Production produced ‘Serra Tong ‘which won the National Entertainment Award as the Best TV series.

‘Serra Tong’ is a story that is set in a village called Serra Tong. Season 1 was mainly about how education steadily and slowly entered Africa, the virtues of our culture and traditions, love, togetherness and more.

‘Serra Tong’ was written by Ishmael Daddys Bangura and produced by Sierra Network Production Executive Producer, Triple A. The director is a young but very passionate, talented and intelligent man. Mohammed S. Kargbo, Aka ‘Shaggy’ and he featured many top stars including Sana Gbingbin, Isho, Pas-Ar-Die, Haja, Penant, Tina, Sylvia, Yah-Mama and many more.

 It was shown on Freetown TV, AYV TV and posted on Sierra Network Production YouTube channel where it is still viewed.

Earlier this year they shot the season two of Serra Tong and produced by Sierra Network Production, Executive producer Isatu Kakay Dialo, directed by Shaggy and featuring Sana, Gbingbin, Pas-ar-Die, Isho, Haja, BUMP Kadie, Boss Lady, Aunty Mary, Samuel Borbor and many more wonderful acts.

Just recently, they completed the shooting of what they referred to as their best concept so far.  ‘BIG yard’, according to Director Shaggy is a story that every Sierra Leonean can connect with and has as its main theme inheritance and love. It is a story that talks about people fighting as to who should be in control of numerous inheritances; then love slowly enters the battlefield and adds more fuel to the already burning ‘BIG YARD.’ It featured some of the best actors in the country and was shot by some of the best cinematographers in town, including Papay, Dulkish, Jackson and others.

Accord to some of the actors, they gave their best because they say “we are not only hoping for this to take us to another level, but we also want it to take Sierra Leone movie to the level of other African movies.”

They also extend their gratitude to the management of Sierra Network Production, especially Triple-A, Isatu Kakay Dialo and Kurupt K for their efforts and support in making their dreams come through.

According to the 2020 Best Screenwriter, New Skol award nominee who is the writer and also the lead actor, they are currently editing it and it will be shown on major TV stations in Sierra Leone and across the globe. He advised people to be viewing Sierra Network Production bundle weekly comic episodes on their YouTube Channel and also subscribe to the channel.

He said he appreciated the support they have been getting from their viewers and subscribers but there is still more room for improvement as they are only having 20,000 for now but they are hoping to get 250,000 subscribers and viewers before the end of this year.

He ended by encouraging Sierra Leoneans to help in sharing and asking other people to subscribe to the channel.

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