Sierra Leone: ‘Last’ Movie theater closed

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Sierra Leone’s ‘last’ movie theater has shut down operations in the country. The two hundred and seventy sitter Lagonda cinema has closed down completely to the public. The decision by the owners to close Lagonda cinema has caused a considerable outcry from film lovers, producers, and actors.

Until recently, the Lagonda cinema remains the only movie theater serving a population of nearly seven million in the country. It was operated under the name Cinebox cinema and used to show especially Hollywood movies at night. It had changed the name and management several times. It was previously known Cruzer cinema.

A reliable source who spoke to SaloneJamboree revealed that the chairs at the cinema have been dismantled to make way for reconstruction. Our source said the owners have decided to reconstruct the space for a new business. He said reconstruction work is in its final stages and the venue will soon be open to the public for various indoor games.

The last two decades have seen popular movie theaters across the country transformed into churches, warehouses, and customer care center for mobile phone companies.

Entertainment in Sierra Leone is mostly limited to beach bars, night clubs, and soccer. The country has an emerging film industry but lacks the proper structure for it to thrive.

It could be recalled that Sierra Leone was among the first countries in sub-Saharan African to start Television broadcast. In 1963, the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service then started ‘black and white’ TV Broadcast.

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