‘Sierra Leone has always been in our Hearts’ -Rapture Kids.

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Award-winning Sierra Leonean musical group, ‘Rapture Kids’ has been off the national spotlight since they relocated to the United States. The Sierra Leonean trio who came to the spotlight with their hit song ‘Jubilee’ in 2010, told SaloneJamboree in this exclusive interview that Sierra Leone has always been in their hearts since they left. The three ‘Kiddies’ musical group comprises Emmanuel Deborah, Gibson Elisabeth and Esther Gibson. In this exclusive interview, they talk about their experience in the U.S, academic work and their recent single,’Salone Dae Cry’, read through…


Rapture kids have been quiet for some time now, Can you give us an insight into what the group has been working on since they left Sierra Leone?

Rapture Kids: School has been the main priority– we were trying to settle down with our academics preoccupation and learning the new changes related to it. Music is part of us and while in school I, as the lead vocalist, contested to sing the USA national anthem in our school graduation and won.

What are the advantages of being a young group of musicians in America, compared to Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone is fantastic, no doubt. However, there are so many opportunities in the USA that are either scarce or unavailable in Sierra Leone. In the USA, you are encouraged to develop your talent and even take it to academic heights.

How do you blend school work with your musical career?

School is number one because whatever you want to be you must study hard. However, we still find time to sing and practice our songs. Also, we’ve been open to karaoke singing which has helped us to sing American songs.

What are your aims?

Achieving the American dream is number one and we also do our best to produce standard music that cut across borders. Furthermore, we want to do our best so as to be able to help other kids, especially disadvantaged ones.

What is the message behind your latest song, ‘Salone Dae Cry’?

The song Salone Dae Cry is a plea to God Almighty on behalf of our nation. We did it in Krio so that every Sierra Leonean could personally sing it and pray to God for His mercy upon the land.

What are your plans for Salone if any?

Sierra Leone has always been in our hearts. We are out here as ambassadors flying the green, white and blue at any given opportunity. We are working on a couple of songs that reflect Sierra Leone. Hopefully, we should be coming to Sierra Leone in the near future.

Any message you may like to share?

We want to say a huge thank you to our fans for being there for us. We love you and we are back and here to stay.

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