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As a young rapper and having being born in the central part of Freetown, Abdul Malachi Kamara, popularly known on stage as SHINE THEGOD SON, started his music career with the ‘Bodyguard Studios’, where he did many hit songs and was a major composer in the Bodyguard Anthem compilation. His music genre was Hip-hop. He was an admirer of the famous American rapper, 2Pac Sharkur, and he became known as the Salone 2Pac.

His quest for non-violence and a peaceful coexistence inspired him to record a song titled ‘No More Beefing’. A song that brought his music career to the limelight and earned the respect of the music lovers.

Shine De God Son later joined the Black Leo records and did many songs with one of Sierra Leone’s most celebrated rappers, Kao Denero. He was a unifier in the Black Leo family, especially when the hood was faced with rancors with another celebrated rapper, Problem M, now known as Pizzy. His stay was short-lived in the Black Leo record label when they had a misunderstanding with the CEO of the label, Denero. Shine decided to leave and work as a solo artist.
Soon afterwards, Shine started struggling with his health. It was rumoured that he was having problems with his heart. But he later recovered from that attack.

Shine’s career was not limited to music.In his educational background, he attended both the Saint Edwards Primary and Secondary Schools, respectively. And in 2016, he graduated with a distinction in Cultural and African Studies and also with a Division One in History and Politics. His graduation party show was well graced by artists and his fans. On the 1st September, 2016, Abdul Malachi Kamara, aka Shine De God Son, was employed as an Operations Staff at the UBA Bank in Freetown.

Shine released several hit songs, like ‘We Dae Ya’, featuring Shadow Boxer and Eddie of 441. He also did ‘For Me Ten Thousand’ with G-Black and Nigga Don.

Shine was awarded as Best Hip Hop artist for two consecutive years while he studied at Fourah Bay College. And he has several other awards to his merit.

Until his death on 21st April 2017, Shine was regarded as the Best Freestyle Rapper in Sierra Leone. He was also the pioneer of live music. His creativity in his rap music is what Salone Jamboree and the public will live to remember him for.

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