Salone artists on a Peace Mission to Liberia

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The ‘God-father’ of contemporary music in Sierra Leone, Jimmy Bangura, is among a group of the country’s artists who are presently in Liberia on a United Nations peace mission.

The Sierra Leonean artists, who also include popular actress and MC Henrietta Mbawah (aka Eta) and award winning artist Willie Jay, flew into Monrovia for a United Nations music concert which is scheduled to take place on Monday, October 24, at the ATS stadium in the Liberian capital.

The theme for the concert, according to Ms Mbawah, is ‘Peace In Liberia, Peace in the Mano River Union.’ The ‘Refugees’ movie star told SaloneJamboree in an interview from Monrovia that the concert is geared towards promoting peace in Liberia and the Mano River Union basin.

“The Liberian Presidential election is around the corner and these are crucial moments not just for Liberia but the region as a whole. So our role to consolidate peace is very much important,” she said. Mbawah is also a peace activist in Sierra Leone. She promotes Non-violence campaign through her foundation Henrietta Mbawah Foundation.

She said her role in Liberia as a musician, actress and peace activist is very important. “This show is an eye-opener for me and the people of Sierra Leone. As you know I’m working on my campaign #SaloneLivesMatter which preaches against gang violence, cliques, alcohol and drug abuse to save the lives of young people.”

Television personality Hurai Bangurah of Africa Young Voices (AYV TV) and camera woman Michealla Sallu, are covering the event in Monrovia.

It could be recalled that Jimmy B was very instrumental in promoting peace in Sierra Leone during the country’s civil war. In 2000, Jimmy, through his Paradise Family, staged several concerts in the then rebel strong hold of Makeni bringing together the RUF fighters, Government and the United Nations officials.

Jimmy B is expected to deliver a statement at the Monrovia concert. The Mano River Union has a history of civil wars. Liberia has suffered two bloody civil wars in the last 20 years and Sierra Leone went through an 11 years’ civil war. Guinea and Ivory Coast, the other member countries, have also had their share of civil unrests. Music has played a significant role in promoting peace in the region.

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