Roommate Evicted For Immorality

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Roommate #12 has been forced to quit the Big Sister village for immoral behaviour and drug peddling; it emerged at the close of last week.  Samira N. Esba’s trouble started on Wednesday night after a party when some roommates engaged in a bitter rumble and in the process leaked out some oddities, one of which being the horrid overtures of Samira.


Among other things, certain roommates were accused of sneaking out under the cover of the night to engage in lewd acts and drug intake.


Having got the tips, Zainab Sheriff, the show organizer launched an investigation and when she called upon Roommate #10, Patricia Jaka in the Bondu Bush, levied the infatuation and drug peddling and intake allegations on Roommate #12, claiming she is sleeping around with a male crew member to make her the most featured in the camera. She also alleged Samira was getting information from outside on colleagues in addition to trafficking Jamba into the village and sharing the drug with other roommates.


Big Sister Zainab immediately then called upon Samira and put the allegations to her but she denied the investigation. But Patricia’s allegations were corroborated by about 20 other roommates called upon to ascertain.


Several confirmed the allegations and Yabba Mansaray was able to identify the crew member, who was named as Patrick. Big Sister Zainab went further into the investigation by going through some footage. Later, Samira was called and told that she was caught on camera forcing her on members and that she was going to be disqualified from the show with immediate effect.


Other crew members were said to have been shown the exit door as the Big Sister promised a further investigation into the issue. Zainab said any other roommate or crew member found wanting for immorality will be accordingly dealt with.

So far there have been mixed reactions from fans concerning the issue, but most of them are saying ‘thank you Big Sister Zainab’ for the action taken.


Vacated Samira N. Esba is yet to react to her penalty slam on her.

By Ishmael Daddys Bangura

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