Rapper ‘Menance De General’ Devastated by Kobe Bryant’s Death

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In life, there are moments we get attached to some situations, good or bad, whether we’re related by birth, descent, or some other sort. We just find something unique that binds us from afar. We often follow celebrities and idolize them based on how their stories and lives affect us. Therefore, whenever good or bad things happen to them, we are emotionally affected.

This scenario has left one of Sierra Leone’s best rappers, Denis Bundu popularly known as ‘Menace De General’ or MDG very devastated over the death of the famous U.S Basketball player Kobe Bryant. The damage caused by Kobe’s demise to Menace is serious as he took to Facebook to lament how he was ‘deeply influenced’ by Kobe Bryant’s ‘Mamba Mentality’.

“God knows how tough it is to be an ambitious and independent artist from SL, struggling to build a career. When the going gets tough, I turn to YouTube and I watch Kobe’s documentaries.”
MDG says the “Mamba’ mentality for me was real and it works. I was always a hard worker and a dream chaser but his philosophy defined and shaped me. I grind like there is no tomorrow.”

“2 weeks ago I had workload up to my shoulders. I have a show that’s fast approaching and I needed tickets out. Between designing, ordering, tedious process with UPrinting to get things right I was exhausted. I tried to keep a smile on my face so my team don’t notice the stress. I have to be a strong leader.”

“Finally my order came in correct and I felt proud. Next day on January 17, I posted about the Mamba mentality and how it was helping me get by.

Below is a screenshot of that post.
‘I got so many stories of how Kobe Bryant impacted my life. Trust me he did. I’m glad I thanked him every chance I got when he was here; and I’ll continue to thank him till my visit is up. Forever Mamba.

To all of you creative minds out there that have/had doubts in your craft, he lived for us. You can do it,” MDG posted on the 27th January 2020 on his Denis Bundu Facebook page.

Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash in California together with his 13-year-old daughter and other victims on January 26th.

Menace lamented on the former Lakers legend on his death:
“Still in disbelief.””To many of us this man was more than a basketball player. I’ve never felt this much pain over the death of someone I’ve never had physical contact with. Kobe was the reason I started watching basketball. Exceptionally talented, hardworking, I fought & argued over him being the best to ever play. One of the greatest athletes of our generation. I adopted his mamba mentality/work ethics and applied it to my personal life. It was ‘give it your all, embrace your passion, strive for excellence etc’. This man was a role model and an idol.”

“You worked hard, achieved it all and retired a legend. Now that you were starting to enjoy life with family, you were called up alongside your 13 yrs. daughter who wanted to be just like you, her father. We can’t question him but we’re in pain.”“Kobe, you inspired many; you touched hearts; you were a special gift and thank you for everything. #Blackmamba😭😭😭”

Menace also explained how he received Kobe’s death on a later post as seen below –
“Been sitting here all day trying to find a way to accept and process this tragedy. News like this had me questioning a lot of things. I truly appreciate a mentor, big brother Mike Ellison for reaching out. We had an in-depth conversation about life, our purpose, and what’s important while we here.”

“Many reached out when they heard the news. If you’re close to me you know who Kobe meant to me and the significance of this tragedy. Mike Fornah couldn’t even speak when he called me, he just kept saying our man, let’s hope it’s not true. We were just over his place last night arguing about Kobe and Lebron. My sister, Teteh, Blacka, Kongor Ogk and others said I was the first person they thought of when they heard the news. Jah came banging on my door because I couldn’t pick up. Consoling me like I lost a brother lol. Truly appreciate.

“Watching the news and emotions from fans tore me apart. Saw a pic of a die-hard Laker fan Sorie with tears running down his eyes.

No, it’s not about me, we’re not making this about us (mourning fans), It’s about the greatness of one man that felt like family to many of his fans. His death is surreal to many of us. Kobe impacted so many lives on and off the court. It’s about the pain we feel for him, his daughter, his family, and the rest of the victims of that crash this afternoon. I was one of those fans that had tears when he retired with 60points. What reaction do you expect from us when we hear that he suddenly dies? Plz have some empathy and we’re unapologetic about our emotions. After all, we’re only humans.”

“I use to say there are only 3 celebrities/greats that will bring heavy tears out of me if they were to pass. Kobe, Michael Jackson &Nas. Needless to say that today I felt that exact same pain like I did when we lost MJ. God watch over Nas and many other greats that positively inspire millions across the globe. Death is inevitable but sudden death stings. Today I pray we have less amongst friends, family, and loved ones.

“This is my remedy, we’re strangers and eventually we have to go. Some stay for a while and others depart just a bit early. Kobe you left us too soon, we thank you for your short stay. You’ll be dearly missed.
“Black Mamba Forever.”

Many of his friends shared his grief and explained how they came to love or know about Kobe through Menace. They sympathized with him like a true fan of Kobe Bryant.

Incidentally, Menace had just posted about the Mamba Mentality on the 17th January 2020 as he prepares for his upcoming show in the United States.

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