Putting the records straight… “I have not received ONE CENT from Government” -Jimmy B

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‘Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.’“I have always tried my best to live by this code from on .F Kennedy.”

Jimmy Bangurareacts to rumor-mongering. He has stated in a post that there has been some false rumors about him receiving US$50.000 from the Bio government to do corona awareness-raising song.
“For whatever reasons, these lies are being told. They do not matter to me; and if not for a friend’s advice, I wouldn’t have responded to them asking me whether the government has given me anything.”
But Jimmy B thinks fast and says it’s put in place to respond because “A LIE LEFT UNCHALLENGED EVENTUALLY BECOMES THE TRUTH.”

“So, let me say this boldly…Since the song was recorded, video shot & edited and unto to this very day, I have not received ONE CENT from Government. And that is the Gospel truth!
Jimmy B says it is no secret that those in the entertainment industry are not adequately compensated for our work in Sierra Leone.

“Nonetheless, we came together yet again out of true love for our fellow Sierra Leoneans and gave our time and talent to help raise awareness of the deadly threat to our people.”
He disclosed that almost eight or nine weeks ago before the index case of COVID19 in the country, he contacted few of the country’s talented artists to collaborate on a song as a way of raising awareness and sensitizing the nation on the virus.

“From my pocket, I paid for the studio sessions; paid each and every artist that featured in the song, provided equipment and paid for the filming and editing of the music video.” He adds: “I have never been one who brags or talks about what I do because everything I do, I do I do it because it is right to do and not to showoff.”

This is the first time for Jimmy B to openly speak on this. He said a few years back when we had similar ‘wahala’ (the Ebola outbreak) that claimed over three thousand lives of Sierra Leoneans he paid for the studio sessions to record the EBOLA song.

“I paid each and every artist featured in the song provided equipment, and paid for the filming and editing of the music video just as I have done this. NO GOVERNMENT institution gave me a single penny for the song or music video.”
He said during the last lockdown, he and some of the other artists featured in the corona song distributed foodstuffs and water to different communities across the city. “We also included the police and military officers at different checkpoints along with the high ways.”

“I have never spoken of it before and I wouldn’t have if these lies weren’t being told about my person,” he posted.

Dilating further on his acts of philanthropy, Jimmy B posted that during the war in the 1990s when people were running away from this beautiful country of ours, he would travel to many refugee camps and make donations of many food items, etc.

“Yes, I did that, including donating many, many bags of rice and cooking oils to our late beloved former PRESIDENT Dr. AmadTejanKabbah on behalf of the suffering Sierra Leonean in Conakry, Guinea. That’s a track record no one can erase.”
“Let’s STOP these evil ways of trying to assassinate people’s good name and character,” he warned.

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