Parliament Hails Hawa Kamara and Natasha Beckley

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Members of Parliament have on Tuesday, 21st February,2017 hailed Hawa Kamara for successfully representing and flying the Sierra Leonean flag high in the just concluded Miss Universe in Philippine.

Speaking in the Well of Parliament, the Majority Leader of the House, Hon. Ibrahim Bundu of the All Peoples Congress (APC), said that Miss Kamara and her team have positioned the country into world recognition by exhibiting the true talent of Sierra Leone to the world.

“Out of all the 86 contestants, Hawa was the only one that was interviewed on CNN where she allayed the fears of investors whom were afraid to visit the country after the outbreak of the Ebola,’’ he said, adding: “She has gone a long way by boosting the tourist sector in the country to the world.’’

In an interview with the beauty queen, she said she felt honored and delighted to have been given such recognition by the house of parliament. She vowed to continue to represent the country wherever she goes. “I am happy to be the first person to represent this country in the Miss Universe and I want to thank Miss Natasha for giving me the opportunity’’ she said.

The beauty queen said she learnt a lot in the process and that she would ensure she passes on what she learnt to those ready to learn and want to excel in pageantry.

Talking to this medium, the Chief Executive Officer of IAMSL, Natasha Beckley, also expressed thanks to members of parliament for the honor. ‘’This has given us the zeal to do our best in ensuring pageantry takes a U-Turn in Sierra Leone,’’ she said.

Madam Natasha said her organization was formed in 2012, and that she has been giving her best in the area of pageantry since then. ‘’The success scored by Hawa Kamara in the Miss Universe in Manila, Philippine, was paramount as the country, for 65 years, had never taken part in such competition,‘’ she posted.

She said that Hawa was never known in the world before, but her organization has given her the opportunity to be known in the whole world. ‘’Our organization believes in giving people the confidence that they have what it takes to do something and to make use of their talents,’’ she said. She promised to continue the good work and to try in her own little way to put the country up in the international world when it comes to pageantry.

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