Mariatu Kargbo Joins Corona Virus Fight

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“We have a duty to come together to fight this global enemy.”

She encourages China and all countries so far affected to “COME ON, and be resilient in the fight. This is why former Miss World Finalist releases her song, ‘Come On, China’ in support of the fight against the Coronavirus scourge.

Artist Mariatu Kargbo is fondly known as the ‘Black Pearl of China’ and her latest release was produced by leading Chinese artist agency, SMILE. The song features K.O.K. one of Sierra Leone’s top artists, along with winners of CCTV’s ‘Road to the Stars’ show.

“Come on, China! Come on, Wuhan!” makes the sensational opening as the video features kids from schools in Africa, including from countries previously affected by Ebola displaying placards bearing the message of resilience. It was reminiscent of the dark days in West Africa, over five years ago, when the disease was ravaging communities.

The clip also includes photographs shot at an RMB 200, 000 donation ceremony held at the China Charity Federation as part of the Commonwealth Society of Beijing’s (CSB) contribution to the fight against the virus spread.

Mariatu is resident in China; and speaking on the song to The SaloneJamboree, she says “I am here to give back to China, and also to the world what they rightly deserve. This is a rallying call; and I know this song expresses just that hope: a call on everyone to come together to fight the common enemy and help the world return to normal life soon.”

“Irrespective of our divergent backgrounds, we are all one family; and music transcends all boundaries”.

About Mariatu Kargbo

Mariatu is a Sierra Leonean artist and philanthropist living in China. Born to very poor parents in Sierra Leone, she came to fame in China through CCTV’s ‘Road to the Stars’ talent show and she is now devoted to giving back to society by helping the less privileged around the world. She was among the first foreign volunteers at the Sichuan earthquakes in 2008 and 2010 and was appointed as Cultural Ambassador-at-Large by the President of Sierra Leone in 2016.

Mariatu achieved Sierra Leone’s first-ever Guinness World Records title in 2012 and teamed up with Tencent and the World Food Programme to achieve a second world record in 2014 for the most contributions to a charity fund-raising event in 24 hours in support of the Ebola-affected countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. Mariatu supports many charities in China, Africa and around the world and has established her own foundation which has changed the lives of thousands of kids.

Mariatu was a finalist in the Miss World competition in 2009 and won two awards for Talent and Fashion. She has performed widely in China with top artists such as Jackie Chan and Yang Wenwen as well as performing for the Top 100 Entrepreneurs, including Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba).

In 2018, Mariatu was chosen to perform for President Xi Jinping and the First Lady and all Africa’s Presidents and First Ladies at the FOCAC event in Beijing. In 2019, Mariatu was selected as one of the Top 100 Influential Africans under 40 by MIPAD at the United Nations in New York.

In 2020, Mariatu launched “Smallsmallchinese”, a new online video series that introduces Chinese culture and teaches people to speak simple Chinese words and phrases.

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