Mariatu Dukuray brings laurels home from China

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Mariatu Dukuray, one of Salone’s finest beauty queens, has won the Miss Elegant crown in the just concluded Miss Tourism Queen International held in Wenzhou, China.

After a display of her elegance and panache, Mariatu was selected along with four other queens to perform the Chinese Tea Ceremony which is internationally held in high esteem because of the natural flavor and value.

The competition entailed a total of three appearances, involving dresses in the National costume, Swimsuit and evening gown.

Special talent performances were also displayed by the Tourism queens in order to spice up the ceremony.

For her part, Mariatu demonstrated her talent in the use of the trumpet which placed her among the fifteen best talent performances in the competition.

Over the years, much has been said about the deplorable condition of the tourism industry in Sierra Leone. Government, through its line ministry and other organizations, have been working hard to revive the industry.

As part of this effort, it could be recalled that back in March the Tourism ministry in partnership with the International Ambassadors of Sierra Leone organized the Miss Universe beauty pageant at the Miatta Conference Center. Various crowns were contested for in that competition, among which was the Miss Tourism International.

Mariatu emerged winner in her category, and was sponsored to represent the Green, White and Blue in the 2016 Miss Tourism Queen International pageant in China.

The event organized by the Miss Tourism Queen International, happened from September 13 to 28 September, attracting over one hundred representatives from all over the world.

By:P.J Sandy

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