‘Let us come together and help build the film industry,’ – Desmond Finney

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One of Sierra Leone’s finnest film actors, directors and producers has in an interview with SaloneJamboree called on movie producers, directors, actors and those spending their money in movie to come together to help improve the industry in the country.

The film star said the country is making progress in movie sector but noted that collaborative effort would see the industry take to higher level. He said over the past years people all over the country have been showing great interet in acting. He continued that places like Bo, Makeni, and the likes have been giving their best in movie making.

“A lot of films have been made right now and I belive there are good ones among those films coming out,’’ he said.
He futhered that one of the problems in the film industry is that people lack the neccesary training and as a reslut of that they find it difficult to give their best. Finney said the platform is also not available to give people interested in film making the opportuinty to showcase their talents. But he said with the coming of the next movie star project, people have got the opportunity to showcase their talents and they have identified those people.
‘’ I can now recommend those people when the need arise,’’ he said. “They have gone through the process and they can now perform well,’’ he continued.

He said the selection was done all over the country and the selection was done farely because they want the best for the industry.

“The only way for the film indusrty now is up,’’ he said, calling on those that want to invest in the industry to do it with films that are good and with the people that have the knowhow to do movie. The energetic actor said he will continue to do his best and ensure that he continues to do work of international standard. He said he will continue to collaborate with international actors by bringing them to help train local upcoming actors.
“We already have some good experts in the industry,’’ he said. He continued that people like Michael Bassie; Jeneh Amadu, kown for House Wife and Girl Friends; Kemoh; Jimmy B; and so many others, are capable of moving the industry to another level. “We need to believe in what we do,” he said.

Mr. Finney said if people start to do things better it will even move government to see reasons to invest in the industry. He also said that the industry will not grow without money and that because of that people should come together to help build it.

“People should not be discouarged to invest in the industry because of what others have done bad,’’ he pleaded.

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