Laj, Prezo Bio, Arkman&Foryoh honour Front-line Workers in ‘WunaTenki’ Song

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Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada Bio has added his voice to a new song in honor of frontline workers in COVID 19 fight.

‘WunaTenki’ is the tentative title of the song and it features local music household names like Red Flag Movement rapper Amadu Bankaria Bah aka, King Boss LA, the brazen Arkman, and altruistic Artical Foryoh.

Hinting on their drive for ‘WunaTenki’ hit to Salone Jamboree in a chat, lead artist King Boss La told of how they-himself and Foryoh-felt obliged as patriots to approach EOC on their desire to contribute “in our own little professional way” as he put, in the fight against the Coronavirus disease in the country.

The ‘Money Nar Bank’ star iterated the felt-need that urged him and the team. “It’s about patriotism; being Sierra Leoneans with a heart, we thought we could play our part, and I’m happy we identified ourselves with the prevailing circumstance. That’s all that humanity is about.”

Laj said he first met MamadiGobehKamara who was then a spokesperson for the EOC with the concept. “As Deputy Minister of Information and Communication, I felt I was taking her off her busy schedule but she was very approachable and willing to lead us.”

He said since MamadiGobeh’s assignment was short-lived, she took them to the current EOC spokesman, Solomon JamiruEsq. who doubles as the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

“Encountering Minister Jamiru was an opportunity; sitting together with a learned professional ready to listen to us was amazing,” said Laj; noting that he listened to their ideas and opened his doors to them. Jamiru told us: “We have the message but we also need other messengers to help us spread the message,” Laj told SaloneJamboree.

Laj said with colleagues, they then started by rolling out the 3 days lockdown with sensitization messages. “We targeted various media houses with our messaging on the Coronavirus and we followed on with vehicular float parade across major streets in Freetown with our sensitization campaign.”

With the initial venture being successful, Laj said the EOC Spokesman then suggested they did a song to honor frontline workers.

“We did the song the same day and presented it to Mr. Jamiruso he could add his voice as well,”LAJ said the EOC spokesman did just that. “But we got another idea. We saw it would be good if the first gentleman added his own voice too so after recording Jamiru’s, we decided to have the president on board.
“More than willing, the president granted us audience so, in no time, we went to State House, set up a mobile music studio at his office, and then President Bio was quick to record his part.”

Laj said despite President Bio’s busy schedule he took time off to record on camera. “President Bio showed us that he is indeed a true leader of this country. He was willing to do everything to make the song a success. He spoke off-script but his message on the song was very torching,” LAJ said.
The rapper said their campaign was done under the “One Mic” orgy to which he is imploring other artists and patriotic Sierra Leoneans to lure in. “Through the ‘One Mic’ campaign, we wish to thank all frontline workers for their sacrifice.”

‘WunaTenki’ simply means “thank you” in our local parlance, Krio and SaloneJamboree had a sneak preview of the music video.

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