“LAJ-K Not Competent to run a National Award” -Terror D

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Popular Sierra Leonean hip hop rapper, ‘Terror D’ has reacted to the CEO of LAKE Productions, Alhaji Tarrawally aka LAJ K for chiding them. Last week LAJ K had an interview with SaloneJamboree where he lampooned colleague artists for refusing to honour their nominations for the forthcoming NEA awards ceremony.

Terror D is an Australia based artist who is among those that have so far declined the nominations for the upcoming National Entertainment Awards (NEA). He says ‘the award is not credible.’

In that last week interview, the CEO of LAKE Productions said that “it is very much clear in this entertainment industry. Some people are not ready to grow; the level of illiteracy and naivety in the industry is too much.”

In his further reaction to those artists that have declined the NEA nominations, LAJ K said: “When you think about Mos-B and Terro D, they are not able to fill a birthday party to capacity without talking of a show so some of us don’t recognize Mos-B as an artist.”

Terror D rejected the nomination on grounds that he was “embarrassingly” nominated under the ‘The Best Female Rapper’ category. He said he did not receive any letter about his nomination, “I only realised that I have been nominated when my fans tagged me to a post on Facebook.”

Terror D pointed out that a National Entertainment award should not be organized by an individual who is not credible. He said the award is just an avenue for LAJ K to award his friends and make money. The rapper said LAJ K even nominated artists that haven’t done anything for the past 3 years.

Terror D further argued that LAJ K has no right to ban artists. “He uses the word ‘National Entertainment Award’ and whether artists decline his nominations or not, he still has the right to nominate them every year. He should not bring his personal issues into the award or he should just change the name to LAJ K awards instead of National Entertainment Awards. He doesn’t care about the Sierra Leone entertainment industry; he only cares about what he is getting. The guy is a hustler, he smacked”

In an interview with SaloneJamboree earlier, LAJ K said the NEA-SL has only one objective, which is ‘to celebrate individuals and institutions putting in the efforts to showcase their talents.’

He said the tourism and creative industry ought to get Sierra Leone the recognition it deserves. “Let’s try to focus on the good of the country. It should not be because we don’t like the team or individuals behind it. We are such a small country and barely get any recognition in the world. Our celebrities are hardly celebrated or known outside our beloved Sierra Leone so it’s sad that any efforts trying to showcase us outside Sierra Leone get as much hate from us. The jealousy and hate in this country are real,” says Lake Production CEO.



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