Khalil Turay: Artist to Watch in 2020

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Khalil Turay (born 05 June 1993 in Kenema), known professionally on stage as WYZ (pronounced as wise), is a Sierra Leonean and Dutch singer and songwriter. He started his passion for music at the age of 10.
At the age of 15, he could imitate every popular song played on the radio for his friends and family to make them laugh and have fun. WYZ came from a very religious family where the notion of becoming a musician was not tolerated by his parents.

In August 2008, he flew to the Netherlands together with his big brother, Ibrahim Turay. WYZ has completed a couple of studies including a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Management.
During his academic journey, WYZ wrote multiple songs in three different languages, namely: Krio, English and Dutch.

Finally, upon completing his studies, WYZ decided to release one of his tracks called ‘SaloneBobor.’ Both the audio and the official video clip are on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and Amazon respectively. WYZ has many songs to his credit and he is currently working on his; Blessing Pas Dressing’ Album. He is as well working with artists from different nationalities and skills.

His next single- ‘Kolomental’ will be officially out as against February 14th after which WYZ will release the Album consisting of eleven songs as against May 5th.

WYZ music-making style is a combination of Afrobeat, rap, pop and reggae dance hall. WYZ wants to make intercultural connections with his songs between the Netherlands and Sierra Leone (West Africa); and he also wants to serve as an example to show that, ‘it seems impossible until it’s done.’

WYZ is intending to use his songs to motivate and stimulate all young people youths) to develop their confidence and face their fears to discover their hidden talents. WYZ has icons he admires ranging from his childhood, academic field to the music world. Names of few icons are as follows: Alhaji Mohamed Turay my father (instinct for success); Jimmy B (Passion for music); Bob Marley (Wisdom about life); Akon (Global breakthrough); Barack Obama (Is possible); 2face (Respect for Africa ladies)
WYZ is on all social platforms: YouTube: WYZ SaloneBobor
Instagram:wyz_official_page will be active as against May 5th.

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