Kao Denero’s Retort To Khaligraph: ‘I Am Sierra Leone’

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Sierra Leone’s most outstanding rapper, Kao Denero, has rebuked Kenya rapper Kaligraph Jones for referencing them as backbiters when he said ‘Niggers from Sierra Leone get my name out of your mouth’ in his latest diss track ‘Lwanda Magere Legacy 1.’

In January of this year, Kao Denero released a song titled ‘Kenyatta’ in which he disses most of Africa’s top Rappers including Sakodi, MI, Jovi and many more.

Lyrical Joe from Ghana was the first to reply by then in his tracks ‘Holocaust and 2 Birds’ and Kao replies with several diss tracks including ‘class in session’, ‘village boy’, etc.

Just recently, a rapper from Uganda named Judas in his song ‘Ivan Drago’ diss Kao again but he refused to reply to him, leaving him to be dealt with by Super LAJ who promptly replied to him.

Khaligraph Jones, one of Kenya’s top rappers started music in 2004 at the age of 8. He is the founder and CEO of ‘Blu Ink Corp’ and has been notorious for releasing tracks gossiping about other African rappers. He started the backbiting in late 2019; and in January 2920, the ‘King of Freetown’, Kao Denero replied to him in his ‘Kenyatta.’

Kao Denero is an established rapper with over five albums to his credit. He is a thriller who always brings fans together to the brim of the national stadium and wherever he stages his show across the continent.

He is the founder and CEO of Black Leo Records, a record label that has played host to many great talents, including the late Shine D God Son, Fahim, Super LAJ, PMD players and more.

It took Khaligraph Jones seven months to reply to Kao’ Kenyatta’ and according to Kao he was even afraid to mention his name. It was instead in the last line of his track that he let the cat out of the bag, saying, “Niggers from Sierra Leone, get my name off your mouth”

Before Kao’s reply, another Sierra Leonean rapper based in the USA, King Jusuf, sent a retort in his track, ‘Ivan Drago’. In less than two weeks of Khaligraph’s ‘Lawanda Magere Legacy 1,’ Kao Denero came out with a very wonderful song titled ‘I am Sierra Leone’

According to Kao, Khaligraph was at first afraid to mention his name but said the rapper went on to do the worst when he had the audacity to mention Sierra Leone in his backslide.

Kao’s track, ‘I am Sierra Leone’ is worth listening to. It is a Hip Hop with lots of bars and skills. ‘The King of Freetown’ was one of the nominees for the African Rapper Award of the year at the 256 Hip Hop Awards in May 2020.

Let us expect more diss tracks to come against Kao from another African rapper especially Kenya because in his last lines he spits once again when he says: ‘I don’t know Kenya for Rap but for Snakes and Zebras.’

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