Kao Denero Blasts Salone Fans, Damns National Flag

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Kao Denero has taken to social media to blast country men, saying he cannot be proud to represent our flag any longer. Sierra Leone’s top Hip-Pop entertainer scribbles ‘ar nor dae represent mix-up en box-up people dem; ar nor dae hol dem nasty flag again’ in an audio that has gone viral.

He says he is angry and frustrated with the attitude of Sierra Leoneans not supporting his hard work. This new episode exploded after releasing his new music video “Kenyatta” a diss song against popular East African rapper Khaligraph Jones, Sarkodie and other popular Nigerian Hip-Pop artists.

However, his outburst has been received with mixed feelings by hip-pop lovers both at home and abroad. Even the Koa Denero fan base is now calling on the star to retract his statement and extend an immediate apology to Sierra Leoneans.

They say “no fan can take that insult to our mother land, calling its flag nasty”.

This is not the first time Kao Denero is spurting insults on social media against Sierra Leone. As recently as a few months ago, he blasted when his concert was cancelled due to Covid-19 outbreak. He later deleted the post and apologized.

Many say Kao Denero is sort of frustrated that many of his planned concerts were being interrupted and cancelled due to coronavirus precautionary measures early this year. He is even alleged to accuse the current government of sabotage because of politics.

What does this mean for the rapper when many are considering that this is his biggest single opportunity to hit Africa and set his mark in the music industry in his over twenty years career as a musician? Will the rapper come out to apologize again to his fans and the country? Or is it a final goodbye?

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