Kao Denero Blast: “This is broad daylight witch”

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A few Weeks Ago MTV Africa Music Awards Nominated Drizilik, Kaligraph Jones, Sarkodie and others For its LISTENERS’ CHOICE award.

Sierra Leone’s finest & consistent rapper, KAO DENERO of the Black Leo record, blasted people in the entertainment industry for recommending Drizilik to MTV BASE AFRICA for the MTV Africa Music Awards as LISTENERS’ CHOICE instead Of Him.

Kao, who is fondly called by his fans ‘KING OF FREETOWN’, dropped a hot and bitter voice note a few days ago over the issue.

Kao In his words:

“Yo guys I don’t know but somebody needs to break this news out. Yesterday I got credible information, really the nomination process of this MTV   Awards was corrupted by some Sierra Leoneans. MTV officials sent an email to certain people in Sierra Leone asking them about who they should nominate for the awards. These Sierra Leoneans kept it a secret, they didn’t bring it to the public and they nominated DRIZILIK on their own behalf, not on behalf of the people and the populists. So this thing we need to let the public know about it cause this is corruption and this is what President Bio is fighting against and it’s going on even in Sierra Leone Music. So we need to begin to post it on social media. Let Sierra Leoneans know that when awards time comes, what was happening in Ghana [is] what they have started here. They send an email to certain Sierra Leoneans. But I’m waiting. I will be having their names soon. But for now, you guys need to spread the news because these Sierra Leoneans kept it to themselves quietly. They don’t even check social media views. See why others are doing it. They have questions because they have realized that the MTV is messed up. So we need to tell the population and now they have cancelled the awards.

This is APC style. Sierra Leoneans bring to MTV they select instead of elect. This should not be kept quiet because for now I won’t talk because if I drop the bombshell on Facebook, earthquake will fall. So I won’t talk. But this corruption has come into Sierra Leone Music. I got the information from a credible source yesterday that MTV sent an email to ten individuals in Sierra Leone and they kept it a secret and selected DRIZILIK without the public notice to represent our country.

This is nasty. This is broad daylight witch Augustine. Sierra Leone, I told you man, when they were telling me this, the person also said that he was surprised that I moved alone for my safety. They bring it through email. But my source said that he was late to respond and to even join the ‘Kabal’ of the ten individuals.

So they decided among themselves that they should give the awards to DRIZILIK. He’s the one that should represent Sierra Leone for the MTV Africa Music Awards. They sit among themselves, they selected instead of bringing it out to the public. They don’t even refer MTV to go through youtube or do any checks. They just selected and they came out and attacked me to vote, and told me to support DRIZILIK. Just see the bastards in this country. Please guys, we need to go on the rampage guys.

By: Rowland Scott


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