Kao Denero Apologises To Country Folks

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Popular and controversial hip-pop artist Kao Denero has taken to social media to tender his profound apologies to Sierra Leoneans over the unfortunate audio that made the rounds on social media, calling the Sierra Leonean flag “Nasty.”

The awful incident took place last week where Kao responded to some critics over his newly released music video ‘Kenyatta.’ Many took to social media to criticise the ill-mannered behaviour of the rapper and demanded a retraction and an apology.

He wrote on his timeline: “As I take this time out to make an honest apology for my irresponsible words towards the flag. Am so sorry for offending so many people, my fans included. Those words did not come from the heart of the true patriot that I am; they came from a place of complete disappointment due to the behaviour of some of my compatriots who have dedicated their time in making sure they destroy anything I touch all in the name of senseless local rivalry while they disguise themselves as critics.”

Kao Denero is set to release another new music video, “We Dem Niggas,” with collaborations from Cameroonian artist King B. Kao, who is widely known for collaborating with big stars such as Busy Singal and Sarkodie to name but a few in the past.

It is not the first time that Kao Denero has been in similar situations and many critics question his achievements with over 20 years’ experience in the music industry. However, Kao Denero remains one of the most popular rappers in Sierra Leone and regarded by many as the most talented. He is the King of Freetown.

By: Mohamed Gandoh Jalloh


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