Jimmy B reacts to Salone Mudslide disaster

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‘Godfather’ of Sierra Leone music industry, Jimmy Bangura has reacted to the devastating mudslide and flooding incidents, which left over four people hundred dead and six hundred missing.

The ‘Jika Jika’ star registered his sympathy on Facebook on Tuesday, August 15 following the disaster. He wrote:

“Father, now more than ever we need you. Today our beloved Mama Salone, the most beautiful country on planet earth is faced with another tragedy. We’ve been crying for so long that our tears have all dried up. It’s one disaster after another. Why? The consistent suffering of our people has become unbearable. If it’s not the civil war it’s Ebola, it’s rampant corruption etc. NOW THIS!. Why? Could we have avoided this or at least minimize the death toll? Either as a people or as government?’’ he lamented.
‘What structures or procedures should we have had in place to ensure safety and security?’ he ended his rhetoric.
‘Not trying to play God or lay blame but these questions need answers to avoid future happenings. Hope we learn from this and use this moment to reflect……Father, have mercy on us all. May the souls of all who lost their lives rest in blessed peace”, he concluded.
Jimmy Bangura has been ‘playing his part’ on national issues. During Sierra Leone civil war, he was one of the artists who embarked on Musical Peaceful Tours in rebel held areas. Many regard him as one of the ‘architects’ of the peace in Sierra Leone.

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