‘I’m still the lyrical master…Diamond Saj To Release Coronavirus Inspired Song

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“People think am no longer in music but let me shock them now as I’m about to release a brand new song. Am in music and still much the lyrical master!”

These are posts from Daddy Sajas he prepares to release his corona inspired song. He says that will let people know the type of stuff he went through after contracting the coronavirus disease.

“I’m still alive and am coming back! I am still in music. Watch out for my coronavirus song.” He says the release will lay to rest his health status after he announced his COVID-19 positive status, He assured his fans that he is still alive and kicking. He says he is almost 100 percent negative of the coronavirus.

“Praise be to God Almighty! The word of God is protecting me and my family against this dangerous virus.”

After surviving the virus attack that has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, Diamond Saj says he can give professional advice to people; and insists that people should follow instructions given to them by the Government. He says these are about putting on face masks, the regular washing of hands, and the use of sanitizers among other forms of protection.

Not only in the music domain, Daddy Sajsays he can as well give some medical tips to healthy living.

“Some tips to keep you healthy include having a complete 8 hours’ sleep. You know, it is very important for every human being to have a good rest. Also, drinking a lot of water rehydrates the body and keeps the virus at bay.”

Daddy Saj’s advice also goes to how gloves are used. He warns that people must use the gloves and face masks with care to avoid contamination.

“Prevention is better than cure. Corona is real and it’s a messenger of death,” he says.

The pandemic has undoubtedly struck many musicians in Sierra Leone, making them victims to threats of finance, family, or health issues. Diamond Saj is one such person who physically contracted the virus. He openly was seen as he came out in public to admit that he was positive with COVID-19 in America.

Daddy Saj whose real name is Joseph Gerald Adolphus Cole started as a rapper and unarguably became the biggest and most famous musician from Sierra Leone.

His earlier songs were released as part of his contribution to addressing political corruption in Sierra Leone. His rap style is a blend of hip hop mixed with the Krio dialect. His first album ‘Corruption e do so’ created an impact not only in Sierra Leone but across Africa.

“I’m the musician that attacks the negative to bring positive changes to society.”He says
Earlier in his music career, Daddy Saj linked up with one of Sierra Leone’s most famous musicians and producers. Jimmy B, who had already had good exposure in music internationally, signed Daddy Saj to his Paradise Family label.

But for Daddy Saj, studying medicine has been his dream after music since childhood. His ambition apart from being a musician was to become a medical Doctor.
“I had always believed in saving lives. I have a passion to help people and stand for the rights.”

Daddy Saj is a Registered Nurse in the USA and currently based in New York City. He is a RN-BSN, specialized in Critical Trauma Emergency Room Nursing. Hinting on the area of study in the post, Saj says “it is the craziest place any nurse would like to work.”

“I have the expressed pleasure to save lives and I will soon become a Practitioner as I am working on his Masters,” he says in his post.

But back to the question as to whether he is still a musician,Diamond Saj confirmed that he is still in music and presently working on his new album.

By: Mohamed King Millan Bangura

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