‘I’m Still Single and Searching’ – K-Man

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Sierra Leonean R&B star, Mohamed Saccoh, aka K-Man, has disclosed to SaloneJamboree that he is still single and searching. The award wining artist who has been off the spotlight for quite a while now said that even though he is still searching, “marriage is on my mind now and I am working towards it.”

K-Man was speaking to SaloneJamboree at the listening party of his single releases at The Hub Hotel in Freetown. The ‘Popolipo’ star is very popular among women because of the type of songs he does. He
notably calls himself as: ‘The women them Police.’

K-Man has been off the spotlight for quite some time. It was rumored at some point that he was seriously sick and has even gone mad. But the musicians confirm that even though he was sick, it was not what people were thinking. “I was not too visible in the industry because I was busy with my building project which took a lot of my time and considerable resources,” he said.

“We have this family back ache sickness. Most members in my family experience this sickness at a certain age in their lives and I’m no different,” K-man added. He said the sickness was so serious that he was unable to stand up on his own, talk-less of performing on stage. “But I thank God now that I’ve got over it.”

K-Man said the listening party was part of plans to stage a huge comeback. “Initially we used to release songs without getting the opinions of others. But we want to change that now. The opinions of others matter a lot as an artist,” he said. He said they invited some very important personalities in the music industry to listen to his singles and give him their feedbacks.

The listening party attracted some big names in the music industry, including musicians and Disc Jockeys.
K-Man said he is making a huge comeback. He told us in this interview that he has decided to title his next album: ‘The Comeback’, which is scheduled for release in 2017.

“I am aware that my fans miss me a lot. I’m thinking of staging shows across the country and the good news is that I have lots of materials for them.” He said he brought in Tunex from Nigerian to record some of the songs at his ‘mansion’ at IMMAT. “I now have a professional recording studio at home. I flew in Tunex, who is one of Nigeria’s popular producers, to record here.”

K-man released 3 songs on the night, including the already popular single: ‘Juju’.

K-Man said: “This is just a gist of what my fans should expect from the album. He said he has plans to stage couple of other shows outside Sierra Leone.

He thanked his fans for their tremendous support and said: “I want to promise my fans that I won’t fail them.”

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