‘I’d Earned Money Being Professional Actress’ -First Lady Allays

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Madam Fatima Bio, Sierra Leone’s First Lady has commented for the first time on the just staged Gospel Concert at the National Stadium in the form of fund raising activity for Sanitary Pads campaign for school girls nationwide.

Hosted by African Young Voices (AYV) Wake UpSalone TV talk show Thursday last week, Madam Fatima Bio says she never regretted staging the event. “Am so pleased I did the Gospel concert,” she tells AYV.
She says “I’m not bothered by what people say or the things that come out of people’s mouths these days in Sierra Leone because negativity is also part of life and you have to find a way dealing with it.

Asked who are the people that portray her negatively, the First Lady replies: “I’m just saying to certain comments that people made about the whole events as if as a Muslim, I am not supposed to do anything Christian. Let me say that the first person that identified Prophet Muhammad was a Christian. I think it’s just politics, the darkness of politics that has taken over Sierra Leone.”
She says people have a negative perception of her lifestyle.

“What would Sierra Leone want me to do? Would you want me to be stealing from the country? Would you want my name in the papers as the First Lady stealing from kids? Or would you want me to work?” I am working for free. I am not being paid. I don’t earn a salary but I want to work. Would you want me to be a pensioner at this age?”

Madam Bio insists she has no intention going around and stealing from people. “I am not asking Sierra Leone to buy my clothes, buy me shoes. I have worn them before now. Before I became the First Lady, I was not a beggar. I was not in the streets before I became First Lady.”

She says she had been a professional actress and got her name and money from there. “I was a professional actress and I earned my own money. Since I became First Lady I have lived life like a professional model, I have worked as a professional actress.”

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