“I will show the world that Sierra Leone has great talents”-Phebe Swill

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Popular television presenter, actress, and Mistress of Ceremonies (M.C) Phebe Swill have said that she is ready to show to the world that Sierra Leone is blessed with great talents. The Phebe Swill Platform host who will be M.C of the EcoFest alongside popular Nigerian comedian Bright Okpocha aka Basketmouth promised to make Sierra Leoneans proud.

“I feel honored that my country placed that responsibility on me among many others. It tells me that my people appreciate my talent and work. It also means growth for my career,” Swill told SaloneJamboree in an exclusive interview.

“Sharing the stage with Basket Mouth is a big deal for me. It’s a promotion and boost to my career. It boosts my MC CV. It’s going to sell me international too. Because many people, both Sierra Leoneans and other nationals will watch the show. That’s huge. I’m tapping into his fan base and audience,” she said.

Swill had this to say to her numerous fans; “To my fans, my countrymen and everyone who is looking forward to EcoFest 2019, I will do my best to make our guests feel at home while also showing them that Sierra Leoneans have great talents too. I intend to be me and rep the green white and blue well.”

Swill is one of the most popular faces on TV in Sierra Leone. She has won several awards including the Most Influential Young Sierra Leonean. Swill is a household name and arguably among the top three female M.C’s in the country. You can find her on Twitter: @phebeswill and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/phebswill Instagram: @phebeanswill

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