‘I Pray for Salone every single day’ – Hollywood Actor tells SaloneJamboree

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Hollywood Actor Isaiah Washington is the first African-American to gain Sierra Leonean citizenship through a DNA test. Inspired by his DNA discovery, he built a school in his adopted village in Southern Sierra Leone and has been very vocal for Sierra Leone at the international stage.

Isaiah Washington talks to SaloneJamboree Founder and CEO about race relations in the United States and shares his views on the Presidential elections in this exclusive interview.

Read the revealing interview below:

You have been very active on Social Media during the last few weeks against the killing of African-Americans. What makes this issue so special to you?

Well…I grew up African American in this beautiful country and I have seen my share of “brutality” from the Police on African Americans and from African Americans on African Americans. There has been a severe disconnect regarding perspective on both sides and I wanted to inject myself into the conversation by challenging people to boycott with #Missing24 in order to get a Truth and Reconciliation conversation going through economic warfare.

What are you proposing to stop the killing of African-Americans?

No matter what I do today, a policeman dies every 77 hours in America and a black man dies every 28 hours. Just looking at these statistics is enough to keep pushing for a Congressional Hearing on this crisis and discuss solutions for both issues.

Hundreds of years after Sengbe Pieh tried to end slavery in America.
What do you think about race relations in today’s America?

Race relations in America has disguised itself as “relating” for far too long, when there has been no real “relating” or real “tolerance” created and sustained due to the “denial” of how Africans arrived in America in the first place. It is the profound “denial” of slavery that will keep the “apology” for slavery in America from ever

In less than a month from now Americans will choose a leader that will succeed the First-African American President. You have been very
active on social media supporting less known candidate Jill Stein. Why do you think Jill Stein is good for America at this time?

Well…Barack Obama isn’t the “first African American” President. Barack Obama is the first African American President that is admittedly African American. The fact that this isn’t common knowledge throughout America and the world is disingenuous and problematic unto itself, just like the fact that most Americans and the world do not know who Jill Stein and the Green Party of the United States is. There are people in power in this country that have manipulated and replaced the truth of many things with their lies for far too long.

It has to change and I intend to help change it for the betterment of all of humanity and specifically my children and their children. I wholeheartedly believe this is one of my missions in life.

What’s your impression about Republican candidate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? What lesson do you think Sierra Leone will learn from the US elections?

Sierra Leone will probably be justified and embolden to become less democratic, more politically corrupt and perhaps more authoritarian, if either one of these candidates become the 45th US President.

What movie projects are you working on at the moment?

I’m producing a movie called MADE IN DETROIT in Spring 2017.

Any plans for Sierra Leone?

Yes. I PRAY for Salone every single day and am working hard to bring jobs to Salone through building my West African Railway. More to come on that later.

Editor’s note: Please note that the interview was done shortly before the US presidential election which has been won by Donald Trump.

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