“I never thought she would be my future wife” – Sal, X-project

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One of X-project’s superstars, Saal Sindi, recently tied the knot with his longtime friend. Mr. And Mrs. Sindi tied the knot in Freetown two weeks ago in a star-studded wedding ceremony. It brought together popular Sierra Leonean stars like Jimmy B, Peepuls, Camouflage, Sir Wahid and more, with stage performances.

The Nigeria-based Sierra Leonean artist (Saal) has been one of the leading vocalists in the X-project group since joining it in the early 2000s. According to Sal, he met his wife (Mrs. Cindy) in a refugee camp in Ogun State, Nigeria, some 17 years ago. “I met the family 17 years ago at the refugee camp in Ogun State Nigeria.”

“I never thought she would be my wife”, he said.

“She was a little girl then, very shy, and reserved. We shared a lot of experiences as refugees before she left for Canada on a resettlement program. Her mum was like a mother to me, and her elder sisters were my friends too. We were more like a family.”

The departure of Mrs. SindI from Canada never ended their teenage dreams of getting together. They were still in love even from afar, as narrated by Sal: “We finally reconnected on Facebook in 2012, we chatted briefly and I asked a series of questions. She responded well to all the questions and I was pleased with her answers,” he explained.

Since then there was never a break in communication even for a day. We give all the glory to Allah for making it possible – and I thank our families and friends for all their support.”

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