“I Haven’t Given Up On The Beautiful People Of Salone”-Isaiah Washington

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Hollywood actor, Isaiah Washington’s name seemed to have submerged in Sierra Leone after two visits to the West African country of which he traced his DNA over ten years ago. He became the first African-American to gain citizenship based on his DNA trace; and on his second visit to Sierra Leone, he was honored with the national passport, a symbolic ceremony hosted by former President Ernest Bai Koroma in 2008 to recognize people of Sierra Leonean descent.

Since his last visit, the Hollywood actor had been engaged in several public speaking fora all to promote Sierra Leone’s image on the international scene. However, less has been heard and talked of how Isaiah Washington still relates with Sierra Leone and her people of late.

In a recent interview with SaloneJamboree, the Hollywood star broke his silence, saying: “I haven’t given up on the beautiful people of Salone. I’ve given up on waiting for 100% of the corruption in Salone to stop plaguing this once great nation. I believe that People deserve so much more than they have received in the last 20 years.”

Washington says he has received calls from Interpol asking him about former government officials and businessmen in Salone but he says “I refused to talk to them.” When the Ebola Crisis hit, Washington says he couldn’t galvanize Sierra Leoneans in the DMV to donate funds through his Gondobay Manga Foundation or get any US Government support he had hoped to get.

Then there was that rumor of $20M worth of donations for the Ebola Crisis that he says “disappeared”. He says all those things took a toll on him emotionally for which he needed to step back and wait for the next President to be elected.“I sincerely hope that HE Bio is aware that according to many US Government officials, Sierra Leone remains the responsibility of the UK; and they only seem obligated to support Liberia over Sierra Leone.” Sadly, Washington says such has been the insight that “I have been exposed to in my 13 years of lobbying for Salone on The Hill.”

“It’s not officially written anywhere, but that’s what I was told by more than one Congressional Member off the record.” He says he finds it difficult to understand why the United States spent $60MM on a US Embassy in Salone, but can’t seem to give any more money to rebuild the infrastructure like China has.
“I don’t know. Let’s see what 2020 brings; and when President Trump is re-elected, hopefully, I can get him to take a serious look at Sierra Leone and see it as a place to rebuild and beautify like what President Kagame has achieved in Kigali, Rwanda.”

On his current project, Washington says he is shooting an Action Movie called ESCAPE FROM BLACK WATER. “I plan to return to Salone in 2020 after I complete shooting Season 1 of my new travel and cooking show.”
He says “Kitchen Talk” and his movie “Goat Days” being shot in Jordan and Algeria in April/May he is hopeful that, and as he put it “HE Julius Maada Bio will succeed in even greater achievements than HE Ernest Bai Koroma.”

On Idris Elba, Isaiah Washington says “I’m glad Idris finally went back to Salone. The People needed to see him acknowledging them personally. I hope he succeeds at getting positive things done for the Salone Brand”

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