‘I have always wanted to help Salone in some way…’ – Miss Independence Sierra Leone USA 2016

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The 2016 Miss Independence Sierra Leone, USA, Ya-Marie Sesay, has disclosed to Salone Jamboree that her life time dream has been to help her country.

Ya Marie, a third year journalism student at the Hampton University, Virginia, USA, said winning the 2016 Miss Independence Sierra Leone USA gave her the opportunity to achieve her dream of helping the less privileged children in Sierra Leone.

‘’ I was looking for an opportunity to help the less privileged in my country and I was able to find it by winning the Miss Independence Sierra Leone USA 2016,’’ she said. She added that took part in the competition to execute her platform which is her charity organization called ‘Orphans Rise in Unity.’

Ya Marie said her charity is geared towards creating a learning environment and to give orphans and less privileged children in Sierra Leone hope. She said winning the Miss Independence Sierra Leone USA 2016 has really given her the zeal and courage to continue her work. “I am a student and I don’t have a job but winning this award has given me zeal to help my country,” she stated.

The American based Sierra Leonean said she was not borne in salone but she loves the country and as a result of that she decided to enter the competition to ensure that she helps in her own way to tell Sierra Leonean stories to other part of the world.

The Miss Independence Sierra Leone USA 2016 said she represented the Puijehun district, among twelve other girls representing the other districts of the country. The pageant was organized by I am S/L Pageantry.
“It was a lot of work and lots of money spent but I did it for the love of my country,’’ she remarked.
“After my reign is over as Miss Independence Sierra Leone USA 2016, I want to focus on my school and forget about pageantry,’’ she said. She pointed out that her main aim is to graduate and get a better job that will help develop her charity organization.

“Pageantry goes with education because it does not only have to do with the appearance but how you articulate,’’ she said.

She continued that after finishing her school, she would focus on her charity in other to continue to help the children that are in need of help in Sierra Leone.

Ya Marie also observed that pageantry in America and Sierra Leone had some differences as, according to her, Sierra Leone they are focusing more on facial appearance and ignoring the academic aspect of it. In America, she went on, everything is important and the manner of articulation is very important because the individual is representing a nation.

“Pageantry is not only limited to appearance but how you compose yourself and how you articulate well,’’ she said. “I am encouraging all those doing pageantry in Sierra Leone to not only focus on the facial appearance but to also improve on the educational aspect.”

She concluded by thanking all those who have been supporting her to see that her dreams are achieved to continue their support, promising not to let them down.

“My dream is to help people in my country, I will continue to do that no matter what because I have Sierra Leone in my mind,’’ she stated.

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