“I don’t have any personal issue with APC”- LAJ

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Hip Hop rapper LAJ has disclosed to Salone Jamboree that he doesn’t have any personal issue or problem with the All Peoples’ Congress (APC), which is the ruling political Party in Sierra Leone.

He made this disclosure while responding to questions relating to his recent popular releases: ‘Mr. President Why?’ and ‘Big Trouble Na Small Salone’ featured by Rahim D Wizard.

The rap star also said he was appointed the last time by President Koroma to serve as ‘Peace Ambassador’ for the youths and that, in fact, speaks volume of his relationship with the President. He said even though he was appointed to talk to the youths it is also his duty to talk on behalf of the youths and the country as a whole.

The ‘Moni Na Bank’ star said as a musician his duty is to make Sierra Leoneans happy and he can only do that through his music. “If the people are not happy it affects our business as musicians because it is the people that listen to and buy our music. If the people are suffering and going through very difficult economic times, how can they buy our music or attend our shows?” he reasoned.

LAJ (real name: Alhaji Bankaria Bah) said people should not relate his music only to the APC as there are members of opposition parties (such as the Sierra Leone People’s Party- SLPP) in the current government as well. He said the last time he released a song titled ‘This Corruption 2’, he also pointed out the bad things that were happening in the country, so people should not misinterpret his latest songs. “I am just playing my part as the Peace Ambassador for the youths,” he said.

The ‘Peace Ambassador’ for youths said his latest songs show that he is a versatile artist, as he can do Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, revolutionary and more. He further noted that over the years people have misunderstood him, claiming that SLPP supporters accused him of being APC because of his Red Color identity and because of that he felt afraid to associate with personalities and places perceived to be SLPP.

“Red has been my favorite color since childhood and I love it very much,” said the young rapper. “It has nothing to do with any political party.”

He said he decided to do ‘Mr. President why?’ because President Koroma made many promises during the last elections campaign that he’s yet to fulfill; and someone should be bold enough to ask him why. “It is my responsibility to ask him why on behalf of the people,” he stated.

On the other hand, the rapper described ‘Big Trouble Na Small Salone’ as very special, as it’s from one of Sierra Leone’s finest R&B singers- Rahim D Wizard. “We did this song and video within three days; which further shows how special a song it is,” he said, adding that he enjoyed working with Rahim and described him as a super star. “Rahim shares similar feeling for the pain and suffering ordinary Sierra Leoneans are going through, that’s why he brought up the song,” he revealed.

He continued: “If an artist chooses to be a politician that artist is doing it in his or her own interest; for me I’m not a politician. As a musician I see my role is to ensure citizens get the best from their leaders, and if the leaders fail to deliver I’ll continue to sing and sing until take place.”

Meanwhile, LAJ said he appreciates his supporters and the people of Sierra Leone for standing by him during his difficult days in the US. “I will continue to fight for my beloved country and ensure that things are done right,” he vowed.

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