How Music-Makers Saved The Day In Liberia

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Sierra Leone”s Legendary Sound System (Music Makers) rescued Liberia after a MASSIVE NO-SHOW disappointment from a Ghanian sound company that would have caused major embarrassment to one of the top local event producers in the country.

Within just 24 hours of receiving the distress call and with NO prior notice about the show, Music Makers departed Freetown for Liberia and traveled throughout the night to save the day.

The Music Makers’ team led by the manager and senior engineer Patrick Tomagbandi mesmerized the crowd with stage effects and sound system that had the audience screaming with excitement.

The promoters were astonished that Sierra Leone is capable of producing such a remarkable sound production and with the professionalism to export such high-grade equipment and personnel at such short notice.

The CEO of Music Makers, Alhassan Kamara is very proud to know that the investment he made into rebranding Sierra Leone Entertainment continues to bring such impressive accolades to the country.

Furthermore, he is super happy to know that all the training and knowledge he has imparted into local youths, who are now event managers, sound engineers, stage and lighting experts, continues to pay dividends.

Finally, as an MBA graduate, he is happy to show the world that Sierra Leoneans can establish businesses and business systems that work effectively, as Music Makers continue to deliver top-notch sound production at home and abroad, even though he is abroad pursuing other business opportunities.

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