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“For women a surprise demonstration of the strength of their partner’s love is not just wished for but expected. Yet the best gift you can give a man on Valentine’s Day is “YOUR TIME”… make it count.. be romantic and look cute and sexy too! Men are physically bounded… its just one night.. make it a night to remember.” Dr Love

By: Yulisa Ahmadu (Dr. Love)

First let’s know the history behind the big Day!

In the year 289: A Christian priest called Valentine was beheaded for secretly carrying out weddings after Emperor Claudius II had banned them fearing they weakened his army.
Also, in the year 496: Pope Gelasius declared 14th February to be St Valentine’s Day, a Christian feast day.

And in 1415: The Duke of Orleans wrote the first recorded Valentine’s note to his beloved while imprisoned in the Tower of London. Three years later King Henry V paved the way for Hallmark by employing a writer to compose his Valentine note to Catherine of Valois.

Between the 18-19th century: The passing of love-notes became a popular tradition in England and affordable postal services give birth to the anonymous Valentine’s Day card. By the early 19th century factories started to mass-produce cards.The rest, as they say, is history.

How do men really feel about Valentine’s Day?
Men strongly believe that Love should be celebrated every day. And that there is no special reason why we Valentine’s day should make any difference. But For most women, Valentine’s Day is an occasion to look forward to. For women a surprise demonstration of the strength of their partner’s love is not just wished for but expected.

Based on all of the attention that the woman gets, it makes sense that the man involved may wonder if he’s really being noticed much at all.

To tell you the truth, that may be a part of the reason why so many guys are a little on the “hmmmmm” side about Valentine’s Day. It’s not that they don’t love you and want to show it. It’s just that they’re oftentimes prepared to get the shorter end of the stick because while you may get a dozen roses, they may only receive a “Awh, thanks hun” in return.

Men, however, can approach the day in a somewhat different manner. Many men have come to dread Valentine’s Day – with all its pressures and expectations. Others see it as little more than a commercial exercise or simply forget about it all together. Here are some reasons why:
Social networks

Whereas women will discuss Valentine’s Day plans with their friends, men don’t have the same support network to drive home the importance of the day. Amongst men it’s just not a hot topic of conversation.

Reactionary emotions
Men don’t tend to show emotions unless strongly provoked to do so – it’s a part of their social conditioning. The somewhat artificial sentimentality of a prescribed day to demonstrate love on is not something men find easy to slip into.

Valentine’s inequality
The disproportionate spend by men on Valentine’s Day is just one side of the story. Many men feel they’re being unfairly pressured to perform by making extravagant gestures and inventing surprises on Valentine’s Day. If a relationship is about ‘we’ why is it that the onus is only on men?

Fear of failure
Many men feel that their Valentine’s efforts will be graded or measured against others and this can lead to anxiety or a begrudging sense of duty.
9 most popular gifts that men buy:
1. Flowers
2. Chocolates
3. Romantic meal
4. Perfume
5. Teddy Bear
6. Spend a Night in a hotel
7. Lingerie
8. Jewelry
9. Beauty treatment/spa
However, the best gift you can give a man on Valentine’s Day is “YOUR TIME”… Men are Physical…

And yet sometimes it’s the small things that count. A candle lit room and a private screening of a certain someone’s all-time favorite movie can mean so much more than anything that can be bought for him or for her. This is important because it is wise to prioritize your spouse over work, family, and friends.

Here is a list of my pick for Valentine’s Day gift Ideas:
• Perfume
• Dinner for Two
• Cook a meal Together (Dinner)
• Jewelry (Necklace/Ear rings/Watch)
• Cake/Candi/Chocolate
• A Trip to a favorite spot
• Proposal
• Dress
• Artwork

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