Housemate Emogies… ‘I Dropped My Dad’s Name To Adopt Stepdad’s -MARIHANA WALKER #32

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 “I took my stepdad’s family name after dropping my biological father’s.” That’s what Housemate #32, Marihana Walker admitted to in impressing in one of the emojis she picked up in a game introduced in the House on Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning marking the start of the fourth day of housemate staying in the Chief’s house of Housemate SALONE, a game was brought in by the chief in which the housemates had to pick up a paper from a box that contained Emojis. Each housemate is then required to tell a story relative to the emoji in the paper he or she took from the box.

For Marihama Walker, the emoji read: “WHATEVER.” It sounded inspirational’ and then she decided to tell it into a story of what she had always kept alive in her: ‘How she took her stepdad’s name.

In her narrative, she started by giving thanks to AYV and Africel for giving her this platform to express herself. Coming to the story, she narrated that after passing her NPSE exams and was supposed to go for an interview at the Methodist Girls High school, her mother sent her to go and collect money from her father. She said she went to her father and together they walked the rest of the day around PZ and its environs to get the money but at the end of the day, she went back to her mother empty-handed. Later they (with her mother) had to scout around before finally being able to go for the interview.

 All through in JSS 1, it was not easy for her mother, she said. She continued: “We went through hard times until my mom came into contact with a benevolent man who decided to take up our responsibility. My father was not responsible and but that manMr. Walker, took me from Girls School to attend a private school, the Modern High school. So, because of what the name was doing in our lives, I denounced my biological father’s name and even altered my first name as well. Instead of being called Mariama Sesay, I came to be known as Marihana Walker.”

 She said though she ended up saying sorry to her biological father, and that she regretted changing her name, she could not help it and she continued with the name of the man who took care of her.

Many touching stories were told in that session, including one by a police officer, Lawrence Sebeh Kargbo. Lawrence narrated that at the age of nine, his fatherex-military officer died and he was forced to return to the village together with his mother. He said he was sent to school by Reverend Father who paid for him until he sat on the BECE before he lost contact with the benevolent Father,transferred elsewhere. He was to be later reared by his uncle who brought him to Freetown.

After attempting the Senior Schools Certificate Exams (WASSCE), he said he had few opportunities so he chose to enroll into the Sierra Leone police force.

Abbas Housemate 1, commonly known as Pisse Malaka who took the emoji off a smile, talked about how he developed the habit of smiling all the time. He said after losing his father, his mother was the breadwinner and that his mother told him to smile every time she looks at him because his smile was a source of happiness for his mother.

For now, Six housemates are up for eviction including  Rachel #38, Kama #18,Mariatu #30, Lawrence 29, Augustine 10,  and Sorie Ba 46. Only your vote can save them from eviction, so take your Africel phone now and text your favourite Housemate number to 5500

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