Hollywood Actor feels more Sierra Leonean than American

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Hollywood Actor Isaiah Washington says he feels more Sierra Leonean than American. Washington who was born in Texas and best known as ‘Dr. Burke’ in the popular movie series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, posted on his facebook page that he is a Mende and a Sierra Leonean.

Washington became the first Hollywood Actor to be granted a full Sierra Leonean citizenship based on DNA. The actor discovered through a DNA test that his ancestors were from the Mende tribe of Sierra Leone.Inspired by this discovery; he built a school in Sierra Leone and has since been a strong voice for Sierra Leone in the international stage.

Read his full post on facebook ahead of the July 4th American Independence Day.

“No. It’s done. Actually…it’s been done for 10 year’s now. Yes. I’m a Patriot. A Texan. A New Yorker. A Mende. A Sierra Leonean and that m———r! To some. I’m not buying no fireworks, chicken or watermelon. I eat that anyway. Nope. Not doing it anymore. I’m done pretending that July 4th is my holiday. My Independence Day. What? That was Will Smith Day just yesterday! Nope. No way. I’m free everyday. You can take it, but you can never really own it. July 4th will be just another day to do simply what I do every day. I strive to be a better person. Even though this ideal can be looked upon as arrogance, crazy or even dangerous. I get it, but I really don’t need to look at your fireworks up close or from afar. I know how powerful you are and how skilled you are…at blowing things Up. I’ll listen to the poppity-pops, sizzling screeches, high pitched seering whistles before breath taking swooshes, the bangs, the booms and boom-booms that may really be gun shots in between my binging something on Netflix, craft beer in hand or catching a movie with the kids or just doing nothing. I’m not spending. I’m not walking in the hot sun being sprayed by red, white and blue silly string. (That stuff really is toxic and leaves a real mess.) Don’t get me wrong, the parades are cool, because they support and showcase real people getting to strut their stuff. That’s always dope, but…Nah, I don’t need July 4th to define me as a Patriot. I’ve earned that year’s ago. I whisper God
Bless America each and every single day and in spite of it all. I Know. I’m. Trying. To. Be. Free. Every. Day.

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