Heyden Adama Reveals Her Latest Tattoos

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The quest for excellence, intelligentsia and that of a supermodel is always innate in Heyden’s life. Her ever growing zest to hit that finish line is becoming a reality.


Her love for tattoos just keep her growing fabulously. But not for the wrong purposes, as many do tattoos just to have them on their bodies. For her, every inscription on her body has a story to tell.


Heyden is endowed with beauty and diverse attachment: As an artist, songwriter and performer – she’s that afro-pop star who earned her breakthrough in 2011 with superb hit songs like Fit in Gbet, No Body, Grenade, etc., with other hits later released like Keleh Keleh, Round and Round and many others, including her latest banger – Koko, featuring Super Saa.


As a model, she’s that African supermodel who keeps using her beauty and her choice of costumes and intelligence to portray African cultures in the diaspora (especially Europe and America). She designs her own dress. Her latest collections can be found on her own blog www.heydenadama.com.


And as an actress, she’s that Sierra Leonean lady who uses her skills of articulation and gesticulation to make professional movies. She’s been featured in an All-African TV show in Seattle, USA, the only Sierra Leonean to be starred in that show.


In all of the above specialities, Heyden commands aptness, intelligence, professionalism, creativity, commitment and passion.


Heyden Adama Bangura has five different tattoos on her spotless skin as follows:


The first one is an African map on her back, a red dot on Sierra Leone. And that’s because of her love for Africa and she really want to show it.


The second one is a roses tattoo on her left hand. This is because she’s left handed. It was also meant to cover a scar she got from a wound she sustained on her arm when she was young. She chose something beautiful to cover it like roses and she loves it.


The third one is her brother’s name -ALHASSAN – on her right arm. He passed away from tumor few years ago in the US.


The fourth one is a Bob Marley’s quote on her side, which says: “Don’t gain the world and loose your soul, because wisdom is better than silver and gold.”

She’s a big fan of the late reggae star.


And the final one is the face of an African woman with a head wrap and beautiful earrings on her right arm. It was supposed to be a crossover picture of her and her mother – because they look alike.

She did it two weeks she returned to Sierra Leone in November this year.


“My inks or tattoos are memories, that’s how I got them, they remind me of a certain time or they’re hiding something or showing something that I like,” she said.


By Ibrahim Sorious Samura

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